Top 10 Smash Ultimate Best Heavy

Smash Ultimate Best Heavy
Wrestler vs. Boxer, who will win?

Want to know which heavy character is the best fighter?

Smash Ultimate gave a huge buff to some of the heaviest characters in the game, allowing them to last longer and deal out huge amounts of damage, getting that knockout early. But what makes them so good in this recent incarnation of the Smash series? Well here are some of the best aspects of the heaviest characters, and why they’re not a force to ignore, in no particular order.

10. Ganondorf

Ganondorf must've hit a home run

Ganondorf is no newcomer to Smash, but this version of him is very different from before. The reason why is because...he has a sword now! This new addition, however, has changed up his moveset to compare him to a charging elephant.

  • His sword gives him increased range for his smash attacks
  • Neutral air attack is fast move that has two hits to it
  • Down air attack is a good edgeguarding tool that causes a meteor smash at mid percentage

9. Bowser

It's a two-for-one move deal

Forever the arch-nemesis of Mario, Bowser brings a wrestler mindset to the game. A lot of his moves grab, and his other attacks are very reminiscent of wrestling moves. If this version of Bowser fought Mario from Super Mario 64, Mario would be sweating a lot more than he did then.

  • “Tough Guy” is a trait unique to Bowser which allows him to not get stunned by multi-hit moves, allowing him to not get comboed easily
  • His down B move, “Bowser Bomb”, breaks shields on it’s second hit if your opponent is not careful enough
  • His dash is a lot faster than other heavies in the game, and even faster than some of the lighter characters, so he can move around the stage and avoid attacks

8. Wario

Wario slaps the competition away

Wario is a very weird character, with an even weirder moveset. This guy can ride a motorcycle, chomp down his opponents, and fart? It’s all very weird, but it works in his favor.

  • His chomp move acts like a grab move, damaging the opponent, but also heals him in the process
  • Wario bike can be used as a defensive tool, tanking an attack and running over the opponent at the same time, and can be used as an item right after
  • Wario Waft is a very powerful fart that charges up through the match, and can be used as a finisher after a combo, resulting in an early knockout

7. Incineroar

Incineroar, use rage!

A newcomer to the Smash series from Pokemon Sun and Moon, Incineroar is exactly what a pro wrestler Ppokemon should look like. He’s even got the championship belt on him! All his moves revolve around pro wrestling, and is showman like one too.

  • Despite being a heavy, a lot of his moves come out super fast
  • Neutral B, called “Darkest Lariat”, has transcendent priority, meaning that the attack will always win out when it clashes with another’s attack
  • Down B is a counter where if he'sifthat when he’s hit, his attack power is significantly increased, making it a lot easier to knock out your opponent at early percentages

6. Ike

That looks like it's going to hurt

Originating from thefromFrom the Fire Emblem series, Ike is one of the slower sword-fighters in the game, but makes up for it with raw power. He needs a lot less time to take out an opponent with his massive sword, and still has the same combo potential as his fellow swordies like Roy and Lucina. Although he’s been in the Smash series since Brawl on the Wii, the Ultimate version of him has seen a lot of improvements to his game.

  • A lot of his sword attacks cover a wide area around him, essentially making it harder for his opponents hard to approach
  • Neutral air attacks areis great for combos, as it comes out fast and has less endlag than his other moves
  • Neutral B attack, when charged, creates a large pillar of flame, allowing him to cover the ledge, and some of the spacearea above him

5. Snake

Take aim Snake, and hit your target

Coming back after he was missing in the roster for Smash on the WiiU, people love that he was able to make a return appearance since the Wii. He even has the same voice actor as the original Snake as well! Snake has a wide variety of range attacks to get him closer to his opponents, and he hits hard when he does.

  • Side B, called “Nakita Missile”, can be controlled, making it a good long distance attack and edgeguarding tool
  • Up tilt comes out super fast, and knocks out a lot of the cast at an early percentages
  • Down B releases a landmine wherethat if the opponent forgets where he placedut it, it can be used for a great trap to knock them out

4. Charizard

Charizard used Blast Burn! It's super effective!

Used to be a single character in the WiiU version, Charizard is now part of the Pokemon Trainer trio with Squirtle and Ivysaur, returning back to how he was introduced in Brawl for the Wii. He is a fan favorite Pokemon, whom has been around since the original release of Pokemon in 1998. He fills out the heavy part of the trio, allowing for very strong attacks at a slower pace. 

  • His tail attacks in the air give him a lot of range to keep his distance
  • Neutral B is a fire attack that stops players from grabbing the ledge, making it harder for his opponents to recover
  • Side B, called “Flare Blitz”, can be used to catch your opponent off guard and knocks them out at early percentages

3. Ricter/Simon

Fun fact:Simon is Ricter's ancestor

Another newcomer to the Smash series, players have been wanting representation from the Castlevania series for a long time now, and now they get two characters to represent it! They are echo fighters, so their movesets are exactly the same. Both characters have a lotng of range to their moves, representing the moves from the original games they were in, such as tossing a cross or a bottle of holy water.

  • A lot of their specials involve tossing out an item, essentially creating a wall and to make it harder for the opponent to approach
  • They have a chain that is stronger at the tip, so it’s a good range tool that causes higher damage while keeping themselves safe
  • Their chain can also be used to grab the ledge, so they have an easier time recovering from far away

2. Donkey Kong

If you can't dodge, just do as DK does and punch

Appearing in the original game named after him in 1981, Donkey Kong has been in the Smash series since it’s first game on the Nintendo 64. Like everyone else on this list, he has a lot of raw power, but also has some fast movement speed compared to the others. His moveset also has a lot of combo starters to rack up even more damage.

  • Donkey Kong’s grab is unique to him where he carries his victim, allowing at higher percentages to just go offstage and toss them out
  • His side and neutral B moves have super armor, allowing him to overpower his opponents attack and allows only his move to connect
  • Throwing up when he grabs an opponent willopponent is will always lead into his up air attack at lower percentages, which is a great way to rack up early damage

1. Ridley

Ridley is definitely ready to battle

Another highly requested character, Ridley is the arch-nemesis of Samus from the Metroid series. He is a ruthless space pirate that is extremely intelligent, and will do anything to get histhe kill. In Ultimate, his character model is very tall, so he hunches over to decrease his size, and you can see his actual height when he taunts the opponent.

  • His down B tail attack, if you can land it, will automatically cause 50% damage
  • Neutral air attack is one of his fastest moves, which is great for a combo starter
  • Down smash attack covers a wide range on both sides of him, allowing him to catch opponents who try to roll away. from him

These are just some of the things thatbasic ideas of what makes each of these heavy characters really good, so give them a try and make the most of their moveset! Heavy characters in Ultimate have been the best they’ve ever been in the Smash series, making them just as useful as the rest of the lightweights and middleweights.

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