Arteezy says Win or Lose, He Will Continue To Play Dota 2


Arteezy is a professional Dota 2 player from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is part of the well known team Evil Geniuses which are considered to be one of the best professional gaming Dota 2 teams. According to Arteezy “TI is like the tournament of adapting”.

Kaci Aitchison recently interviewed Artour Babaev (Arteezy) at TI7. When he was asked what it would mean to him to win the TI7 he said “well, it’s definitely a dream” and that “win or lose, I’ll still be happy playing”.

He said that when he lost The International 6 the first thing he did when he got home was play Dota 2 for 12 hours straight at pub matches. Arteezy also added that he doesn’t think he will be taking a break from Dota 2 as he loves the game so much.

During the interview he said that he has changed as a teammate and has now become a more open-minded person, is not so stubborn in his beliefs and often thinks there is the possibility that something can be improved or changed. He is now willing to listen more than he used to and has stopped thinking he always has to be right.

When asked how is “Cr1t” as a captain versus “ppd” he said that ppd was a calm captain, he had his thoughts and the team respected them, he was open to discussion but mostly he trusted himself. When ppd had an idea the team would just go with it and if they lose, then they lose, and ppd would often change his strategy the next time around.

His answer for what Cr1t was like as a captain was that with Cr1t leading, most of their thoughts took place together as a team. The team was very open-minded with each other and when Cr1t had a thought or idea that might benefit the team, he would tell the group and they would all openly discuss it. Everyone in the group had to unanimously agree on making a change or adopting a new strategy in order for that decision to be finalised.

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