[Top 5] Legends of Runeterra Best Starter Decks

Legends of Runeterra Best Starter Decks
If you're starting at Runeterra, here is the key for success!

Getting the hang of Legends of Runeterra might seem intimidating

Card games are known for having a huge amount of rules that you need to learn in order to play well. There are basic concepts that you need to be familiar with, but there is also other stuff you need to learn, like card interactions, identifying opponent’s decks and even some rules that are a bit more hidden and not explained in a clear way in the tutorials.

All of this overwhelming amount of information can be difficult to grasp even for a game like Legends of Runeterra. Although it was released this year, it already includes a big amount of mechanics and cards that make deck building a bit of a chore for new players. 

This list will help you to find a good type of deck to start, with a deck example below. I’ll also try to not include a lot of non-starter cards so you have enough shards to buy them all. Don’t be afraid to tweak them and replace cards you don’t have with other ones, it’s good to experiment a lot in the beginning. So, let’s get to it.

5. Aggro

Don't bother with anything but hitting the enemy nexus

    “Aggro” usually refers to more aggressive and cheap decks, focused on dealing a lot of damage really fast. It’s usually all or nothing, since when the game drags on a bit further than it should, you will definitely lose. Regardless, it’s a good beginner deck with some interesting card interactions focused on the sole goal of winning the game quickly.

    What's good about this deck:

  • Cheap deck mana-wise
  • Doesn’t have any champions, making the cards easier to get
  • Deals a lot of damage very quickly
  • Not a lot of skill involved, but helps you get a grasp of card interactions


4. Elite

Gather your soldiers and march to victory

    There are many units in the game that belong to an archetype or a group. One of them is the Elites, soldiers that are usually bulky and hit hard. They are very straightforward units that have good stats and buff each other when played together, and decks based on them are good for when you don’t want to think too hard.

    What’s good about this deck:

  • Generally strong units that are not very expensive to play
  • Easy strategy for beginners, just play units, buff them and attack away
  • Helps new players understand how archetypes work and how they can be used together
  • Thinking is optional when playing this deck


3. Frostbite

Keep your opponent from attacking you by making it impossible to do so

    “Frostbite” is a status effect on the game that makes any unit affected to have 0 damage. That means making sure you opponents can’t hit you or your units, or even having your allies killing enemies without having to sacrifice them. It’s a very fun mechanic that interacts a bunch with other cards and makes it very useful and educational at the same time!

    What’s good about this deck:

  • Frostbite helps you learn how to apply negative effects to enemies
  • It’s useful for controlling enemy units, making sure they don’t hit harder than you
  • Champions help you get used to the leveling up mechanics
  • Good deck for hotter summers


2. Spiders

Elise enjoying her latest victim

    This is another archetype, but unlike Elites, it’s one of very weak but cheap units that is great for more aggressive players. It synergizes very well with Elise, a champion who creates spiders whenever she attacks and also buffs them when she levels up. It’s a deck about playing cheap units quickly and never running out of them.

    What’s good about this deck:

  • Very intuitive to play with
  • Takes advantage of one of the best champions in the entire game
  • It’s a deck with potential for ranked matches
  • Gets players used to the Fearsome and Challenger keywords.


1. Elusive

Elusive cards will attack through your enemy's defenders

    This deck is formed by one of the best mechanics of the game. Elusive units can only be blocked by other elusive units, which means you can completely bypass the enemy defenses and hit straight for the Nexus. Although some cards might be a little expensive for new players, they are totally worth it as this is a deck I still use to this day.

    What’s good about this deck:

  • Filled with elusive units, which are hard to counter
  • Good for beginners and experienced players alike
  • Has good spells for dealing with some of the possible counters
  • A lot of ranked potential.


    Decks in Legends of Runeterra might not be easy to build in the beginning, but once you get used to the mechanics and learn some of the cards, it’s one of the most satisfying aspects of the game. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your cards according to your playstyle. If you keep iterating your decks and trying new stuff, you’ll be a LoR pro in no time!

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