[Top 10] Best Legends of Runeterra Decks That Wreck Hard!

Best Legends of Runeterra Decks
Get ready to reach diamond!

Ready to obliterate your opponents?

    Getting into a new card game can be overwhelming at times. There are a lot of new rules to learn, and the ever-changing meta can be a big barrier in keeping up with them. Legends of Runeterra is no different, and although its tutorials do a good job of teaching how the game works, building a deck can still be pretty hard for beginners.

    But fret not! Here are a few of the best decks on the current meta. I’ll make sure to explain how they work and what they are good for, and it’s ok if you can’t afford some of the cards in the beginning. Just replace them with something that seems appropriate and you will get the shards to create the missing cards soon.

10. Arachnophilia:

Elise and her spider buddies, ready to win the game

    Maybe the most straightforward deck on the list. Gather Elise, all the spider units on the game, spider-related spells, a couple of other useful cards and you’re set. The strength of this deck lies in leveling up Elise and giving all your units Fearsome and Challenger, which allows the cheaper spider units to have complete control of the board. 

    Just try to play Elise as soon as you draw her, since her attack summons a free spider each turn and fearsome makes sure she won’t be blocked by weaker units. After that, just play whatever spiders you have in your hand and buff them with spells, and since Elise is a spider, you can buff her too! It’s a low-cost aggro deck that is easy to play, relatively strong and lots of fun. Just don’t get it if you’re too afraid of spiders, though…


9. Extreme Barrier Spam:

Barriers and more barriers to keep your units alive.

    Now here’s a deck with a ton of low-health units that just won’t die. Taking advantage of Shen and a ton of Barrier spells, some elusive units and Fiora, this is one that will give you plenty of options on how to approach your opponent. Depending on your initial draw, you can try attacking the Nexus directly with your elusive allies, cut down the enemy numbers with Zed or go for the Fiora-Judgement victory route.

    Since it doesn’t depend on a single champion or unit, this deck is quite versatile. For an extra edge, I’d suggest replacing the Kinkou Lifeblades with Unyielding Spirit, which makes the deck a little more midrangy but more interesting to play. If you manage to keep your Fiora killing units and staying alive long enough, victory is almost guaranteed.


8. Blood for Noxus:

If you hit yourself, you hit the enemy.

    If I had to choose a motto for this one, it would be “No Pain, No Gain”. Blood for Noxus focuses on dealing damage to your own units in order to either hurt the enemy nexus or make your units stronger. It’s a burn deck that works well on the early game while also giving you a few options for matches that take a little longer.

    Starting the game with the cheaper crimson units for this deck is essential for it to work, and focusing on the enemy nexus is the way to go. Just attack whenever you can, making sure to use your units skills to your favor, and you will either win by turn 3 or know you will probably lose this one. Blood for Noxus is great  for people who prefer quick games and a good counter for aggro decks.


7. Yasuo & Lee Sin:

Stun your opponents and then kick them to the Nexus.

    This is a spell-based deck that takes advantage of the champion skills, stun and recalling to make it work. With stun-related followers, Yasuo dispensing damage from its skill and Lee Sin challenging and blocking all damage with barriers, it’s a solid deck with tons of potential. And having spells to respond to enemy moves is a plus too!

    The downside of this one is that it is very dependent on drawing the right cards. Still, it’s very satisfying to have everything going for you in this one, especially when you can stun the entire enemy’s field with a leveled up Yasuo on your side. The control potential of it is great, and it makes it one of my personal favorites.


6. Lee Sin + Vi Spell Fiesta:

A 10-4 champion that costs 5 mana? Build a deck around it!

    Another spell-based deck, but one aimed at the control freaks out there. It’s focused on using the spells to take control of the board, and summoning Vi or Plaza Guardian to wreak havoc on the enemy Nexus. Although some cards might seem out of place, like Chump Wump, it’s based on always having low-cost spells to activate Lee Sin’s ability and rushing Vi’s level up.

    Although you might have some difficulty against some burn decks, I recommend it very much. There is nothing like playing a fully buffed Vi and absolutely destroying the enemy Nexus. Also, having the right spells at hand is very useful and this deck guarantees you will.


5. Nexus Striker:

Hit hard and fast to end the game as quickly as possible.

    Now, listen… Playing against this deck is a huge pain. Although it was recently nerfed, it is still very much effective and quite fun to use. It’s a burn deck entirely focused on hitting the enemy nexus with direct damage. Since there aren’t many healing alternatives added to the game yet, it’s a guaranteed win by turn 3 if you get all the right cards.

    It also has some options if the game drags on a little more than expected, which makes it more versatile than other similar decks. Sejuani will give you some control options making the opponent’s allies vulnerable and Swain will make sure to damage the nexus as much as possible. A fun deck, again, if your enemy is not using it.


4. Lux Mageseekers Diamond Rank:

Use a 6-cost spell by turn 3 and buff most of your allies until the game is yours.

    A risky, but very rewarding deck, Lux Magessekers Diamond Rank makes sure you will always need your spell mana. Lux, the Mageseeker cards and Unstable Voltician all get buffs or create new spells once you cast a spell that costs 6 or more mana. This way you can get detain, final spark and make your cheap followers stronger while controlling your foe with the other spells.

    It starts very slow, but ramps up very well if you play your cards right. It might have a hard time with control or early-game decks, but it’s very fun to play, and very satisfying when it works. If you want to shake things up a little, throw a few Ezreals in there and Mystic Shoot your way to victory.


3. Redheads:

Deal damage to the enemies just by attacking. Doesn't matter if you hit them.

    Another aggro deck, but one that takes advantage of Miss Fortune’s passive to the fullest, especially if she is leveled up . It’s focused on attacking every turn and dealing damage to the enemy nexus whether they defend the attack or not. Miss Fortune can be leveled up quickly by using Playful Trickster or Katarina’s Rally ability, and once that’s done, you become very hard to beat.

    The weakness of this deck is the lack of spells to respond to some other strategies, and since Miss Fortune is essential for it to work, it ends up depending a little on luck too. But it will definitely win against late-game decks. It’s also the weakness of the number one deck on this list.


2. Ashe Sejuani Midrange:

Frostbite your enemies for life.

    It wouldn’t be appropriate to not have a frostbite deck on this list. This one consists of hitting the nexus while frostbiting enemies with your spells or Ashe, and ending them with Rimefang Wolf when possible. Although it’s a little draw-dependent, this deck synergizes a lot with the champions and allows for relatively good win-rate, that is, if you survive the early turns.

    With Omen Hawks and Avarosan Hearthguard also buffing your other allies, it has a solid strategy and it’s very fun to play with. The frostbite skills will either help you keep your most important units alive when they are targeted or kill enemy units without having to sacrifice your allies. Just, you know, remember to bring a scarf or something.


1. Echoes from The Deep:

Big monsters with big numbers.

    Besides being the best-rated deck in runeterrafire and (maybe not) coincidentally also my favorite of the list, this is a deck that uses two of the latest mechanics added to the game: Toss and Deep. This makes it both burn deck, with Maokai’s level up tossing most of the enemy’s cards, and a midrange deck, with strong units that get stronger once you have drawn or tossed half your cards.

    If you don’t catch an opponent with a faster aggro or burn deck like Redheads, there is a great chance the victory will be yours, especially when you have a leveled up Nautilus on your side of the battlefield. All the deep units also have excellent skills to help you level up your champions and hit your enemy hard. It might be a bit expensive in shards, but totally worth it in the end.


    So there you go. Remember, the fun in card games is to build your own decks and see if your crazy strategies end up working, so get creative once you’re used to the game. Don’t be afraid to try new stuff, customize your deck to the way you like to play and you will be making great tier decks in no time!

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