[Top 10] Legends of Runeterra Best Champions

Legends of Runeterra Best Champions
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Runeterra is full of great champions, but here are the best.

One of my favorite things about Legends of Runeterra was how Riot was able to make the champions behave as they do in League of Legends. And they do it by adding mechanics that fit the character themes and interact with other cards in a great way. If you ask me, these champions are part of what makes it a great game.

Of course, not all of them are worth the time of day. Although they can be fun on their own, sometimes there aren’t interesting interactions or strategies to justify having them on your deck. So, after some research, here are the top 10 champions on the current meta.

10. Lux

Lux, The Lady of Luminosity

Lux’s strength lies on spell decks, especially control ones. With her, each time you cast spells that add up to 6 mana or more, you get a free 4 damage spell that can be used on units and has overwhelm, meaning the excess damage will be dealt to the enemy nexus. The only reason this card is not higher on the list is its cost and the amount of mana you have to spend to activate its ability.

What's good about Lux:

  • Very good stats: 4-5
  • Makes a very good free spell every turn you cast spells adding up to 6 mana.
  • Enters the game with barrier.
  • Creates the only Demacian spell that deals direct damage

9. Swain

Swain, The Noxian Grand General

    After Swain was introduced, a bunch of great burn decks started appearing in the game, and if you played against them, you know how fast he will beat you once he levels up. Besides adding some extra damage to each of his Nexus hits, he also has a lot of health, fearsome and will stun the strongest enemies after dealing nexus damage. Besides, his spell card hurts stunned or wounded units a lot.

What's good about Swain:

  • Fearsome makes sure he won’t be blocked by weak units.
  • Extra damage to the Nexus when he hits it.
  • Damages all enemies when hitting Nexus after levelling up.
  • 6 health provides good survivability.

8. Vi

Vi, The Piltover Enforcer

    One of my favorite additions to the Rising Tides set, Vi is a great champion for dealing direct damage to whoever you need to hurt. It’s focused on hitting enemies for a lot of damage, and also hurting the nexus in the process. Whenever she is on the board or on your hand, she gets +1 to her attack for every card you play, making her a very strong 5-cost unit depending on when she is played.

    What’s good about Vi:

  • A lot of damage for a unit that has challenger.
  • Gets stronger with each card played.
  • Once leveled up, does 5 damage to the Nexus whenever she hits anything.
  • Tough reduces the damage she takes by 1.


7. Braum

Braum, The Heart of Freljord

    Don’t let his smile and cute friends fool you, Braum has risen a lot in the champion ranks after the latest patch. It’s a card focused on defense and taking out weak units, and once leveled up gives you a steady supply of Mighty Poros whenever it takes damage. Its 4 mana cost also helps with making him a very annoying opponent in certain decks.

    What’s good about Braum:

  • Challenger with a lot of health that can be extended with buffs.
  • Regeneration makes sure he’s ready for more each round.
  • Once leveled up, gives you a nearly endless supply of Poros.
  • Very nice moustache.

6. Ashe

Ashe, The Frost Archer

    The star of the opening screen in the game, Ashe is a great addition to any frostbite-focused decks. Although her health is a bit lower than most people would like, her ability makes up for it, frostbiting an enemy unit every time she attacks. It gets even better when she levels up, since frostbitten enemies cannot defend, making the Nexus yours for the taking.

    What’s good about Ashe:

  • Always makes sure the strongest enemy can’t defend your attacks.
  • Her frostbite can synergize well with units with challenger, since they can safely take out stronger enemies.
  • Once leveled up, makes sure your enemy won’t be able to defend their nexus from your attacks.

5. Yasuo

Yasuo, The Unforgiven

    Maybe the most satisfying champion to play when everything goes right. Yasuo has everything: a good stat of 4-4, quick attack, and a skill that has the potential of getting rid of units without ever sacrificing anything. Stunning and Recalling enemies makes Yasuo deal damage to them, which turns stun-decks into a multi-purpose damage fest.

    What’s good about Yasuo:

  • Quick attack makes it harder for you to die when attacking.
  • Stunning and Recalling deals damage to enemies.
  • After leveling up, is able to take out any opponents, especially if buffed.

4. Heimerdinger

Herimerdinger, The Revered Inventor

    Have you ever wanted to fill your deck with spells but still have enough followers to hold your own? Look no further than Heimerdinger. He creates different followers for every spell you cast depending on its cost. Although he is a bit weak when it comes to stats, unless the enemy has a way of taking him out without you responding to it, he will stay on your backline creating followers forever.


    What’s good about Heimerdinger?

Any spells you cast will become free units to play in the same turn.

You can get specific robots by using spells with the right cost.

Basically a factory of strong and varied allies.


3. Zed

Zed, The Master of Shadows

    If I could put Zed in all my decks, I would. He is cheap, has quick attack and creates an elusive copy with its stats every time he attacks. Besides that, his level up condition is easy to attain in the early-game and can create exact copies that inherit his keywords. His strength is based entirely on how early you can summon him and how much he controls the board on your turn.

    What’s good about Zed?

Very cheap champion with great stats.

Quick Attack is great for getting rid of weaker units in the early game.

Can multiply and has the potential of high damage even before leveling up.

Easy to level up.


2. Karma

Karma, The Enlightened One

    Karma is extremely strong on spell-based decks and can make said decks even stronger. Although she is usually useful for late-game strategies, her skill in creating spells makes sure you will always have a way to respond to your opponent's actions, that is, if you’re lucky enough to get good draws. Also, once she levels-up, she will double the effect of every spell, making her extremely strong on the late game.

    What’s good about Karma:

  • Creates a random spell every time the turn ends before levelling up.
  • Synergizes very well with allies with spell-related skills.
  • Doubles the effect of all spells after levelling up.

1. Elise

Elise, The Spider Queen

    Sometimes, the best you can do is have a simple strategy. Elise provides this, by being the cheaper champion on this list and having amazing synergy with spider-based decks. Since she is a spider herself, all spider-related buffs work on her and she makes her allies a lot stronger by giving them fearsome and challenger in the same pack. Add a bunch of weak but cheap units to that and you have the recipe to absolutely wreck the opponent before they have the opportunity to do anything.

    What’s good about Elise:

  • Very low-cost for a lot of potential.
  • Fearsome makes sure weaker enemies won’t be a problem.
  • Creates a 1-1 spider every time she attacks before leveling up.
  • Buffs spider allies a lot, making even the weakest ones very valuable with challenger and fearsome.
  • Can be buffed by spider-related cards.

    Although this list can be a good guide on building your deck, remember that these cards by themselves won’t do much for you. Pairing them up with other cards is what will make you stronger and harder to beat. There are many decks with champions that don’t show up on this top 10 that are absolutely amazing, so it’s important to mind your card choices to make sure your strategy will come out on top.

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