[Top 10] Halo Infinite Best Weapons In The Game (Ranked)

Halo Infinite Best Weapons In The Game (Ranked)
I need a weapon.

What Are The Best Halo Infinite Weapons?


10. Heatwave (Good)

Leave no traces.

The Heatwave is one of 3 hard light weapons in Halo Infinite and is a scattershot weapon similar to a shotgun. It fires 6 projectiles per shot in either a horizontal or vertical spread depending on the firing mode. 

Hardlight ammunition in Halo Infinite passes through enemies and vehicles which allows you to damage multiple enemies with a single shot if you manage to line it up correctly. Additionally, the Heatwave projectiles bounce off walls and floors allowing you to perform bank shots to hit out-of-sight targets. It’s a good weapon for flushing out ensconced enemies. 

The Heatwave is a decent gun at close range and worth swapping out your assault rifle or pistol for. It’ll kill in two shots if you manage to get enough of the projectiles on target. Switching to vertical mode is almost always the better option against single opponents which is what you’ll want to be focusing on a majority of the time. 

The Heatwave's wide spread and ability to shoot through solid objects makes it a decent vehicle killer as well. 

Heatwave Strengths 

  • Suppressive/Flushing Fire
    • Fill a hallway with hard light projectiles to pin down enemy forces or bank shots around a corner to flush out a hiding enemy. 
  • Phasing Fire
    • Projectiles pass through enemy combatants and vehicles. Mow down an entire line of enemies or put a line of holes through an enemy Warthog. 
  • Scattershot
    • Deadly in close quarters and confined spaces. 

Heatwave Stats

  • Ammo Type: Hardlight
  • Clip Size: 8
  • Semi-Automatic, Bouncing
  • Lethality 65/100


9. Stalker Rifle (Good)

Pew pew pew!

The Stalker Rifle is a plasma based sniper rifle. It’s highly effective at mid to long range. As with most plasma weapons it will overheat if fired too much too fast and need to cool down before it can be fired again. 

I would classify the Stalker Rifle as the weakest of the sniper weapons in Halo Infinite while still maintaining decent lethality against living targets and energy shields. It does not excel at dealing damage to vehicles unlike every other sniping weapon in the game. 

It is worth noting that as with all other sniping weapons the Stalker Rifle emits a scope glare when aiming down sights that is distinctly visible to enemies you aim at. The Stalker Rifles’s signature scope glare is red and can easily be mistaken for that of the Skewer. 

Stalker Rifle Strengths

  • Rate of Fire
    • While it will overheat if you aren’t careful about timing your shots, in a pinch the Stalker Rifle is the fastest firing sniper weapon in the game.
  • Range
    • As a sniper the Stalker Rifle is extremely good at picking off targets from a distance.
  • Ammo
    • At 32 shots the Stalker Rifle has a decently high amount of ammo to work with.

Stalker Rifle Stats

  • Ammo Type: Plasma
  • Clip Size 32
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Lethality 65/100


8. Bulldog (Good)

Accuracy is overrated. 

The Bulldog is Halo Infinite’s shotgun. It is distinctly different from the usual pump-action Halo shotgun design, and distinctly inferior as well. Still, it doesn’t get better than a shotgun for close quarters guns and this is still a shotgun.

The Bulldog trades the pure stopping power of the traditional Halo shotgun for an increased ammo capacity and fire rate as well as a slightly improved cone of fire making it that much better at mid range combat. 

While it no longer provides a one shot kill like one might expect of a Halo shotgun, it does allow for a pretty satisfying one two punch in conjunction with melee. Not as good but nothing to sneeze at either.  

Bulldog Strengths

  • Close Quarters Combat
    • Best gun in the game for taking on enemies in melee range.
  • Rate of Fire
    • Decent weapon for crowd control if you time your shots effectively.
  • Stopping Power
    • The Bulldog will kill in two shots if you hit center mass, or one shot and a melee. 

Bulldog Stats

  • Ammo Type: Kinetic
  • Clip Size 7
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Lethality 69/100


7. Shock Rifle (Excellent) 

Static shock!

The Shock Rifle is the second most powerful sniping weapon in the game due to it’s EMP capabilities, chain lightning effect and ability to ignore enemy shields on a headshot. It’s electric ammunition excels at taking down enemy shields and temporarily disabling enemy vehicles.

While it may appear to fire singular projectiles the shock rifle is actually a burst fire weapon. It fires its burst so quickly that they look and feel like one solid line. You want to center your fire on the crown of the enemies head so all projectiles land, if they do it’s a one shot kill regardless of shields. 

If fired at a cluster of enemies the Shock Rifle has a chaining effect that can be very effective at weakening or even killing large groups. The primary use for the Shock Rifle though is as a vehicle deterrent. Two hits on an enemy vehicle will temporarily disable it’s movement and allow you or an ally to get in there and plant a grenade.

Shock Rifle Strengths

  • EMP
    • Disables enemy vehicles temporarily.
  • Ignores Shields on Headshots
    • The Shock Rifle gets bonus headshot damage regardless of enemy shields. 
  • Chain Lightning
    • Damage will arc from your target to nearby enemies.

Shock Rifle Stats

  • Ammo Type: Electric
  • Clip Size 12 
  • 3 Round Burst
  • Lethality 85/100


6. Hydra (Excellent)

Oh that’s ok I never liked flying anyway.

The Hydra is one of two missile launchers weapons in Halo Infinite. It is more compact than the SPNKR Rocket Launcher and fires smaller missiles faster but with significantly less damage. It holds 6 missiles in a clip and has the ability to lock onto targets at close to mid range. 

The Hydra is primarily an anti-air weapon though it works against most vehicles decently well and is not too shabby against enemy combatants. The tracking feature is extremely handy but not recommended for use in close quarters. It is also not a guaranteed hit, it can be dodged and the seeking missiles don’t have a very tight turning radius so firing around corners is typically a no go. 

Hydra Strengths

  • Explosive Ammo
    • While not as powerful as the Rocket Launcher the Hydra still packs a decent punch with splash damage.
  • Tracking
    • The alternate firing mode of the Hydra allows you to lock onto targets at a pretty good distance.
  • Anti-Vehicle
    • The Hydra shreds through enemy vehicles. A full clip will take most vehicles from full health to exploding.

Hydra Stats

  • Ammo Type: Explosive
  • Clip Size 6
  • Semi Automatic, Tracking
  • Lethality 85/100


5.  Energy Sword (Excellent)

You underestimate my power!

A timeless classic of Halo lobbies since its introduction in Halo 2, the Energy Sword still packs a mean swing today. As will all melee weapons the Energy Sword offers a one hit hill if you can manage to get close enough. It also has an increased lunge range making it easier to close that distance. 

Energy Swords start out at full charge and lose 10% of their energy per attack so they’re good for 10 kills if you can string them together. They can be countered by other melee weapons if you both swing at the same time so engaging with other melee players becomes a dance of timing. 

Energy Sword Strengths

  • One Hit Kill
    • If you land a hit on an enemy they will die. It might take two if they have an overshield. 
  • Fast
    • The Energy Sword recovers from attacking very quickly allowing you to quickly cut down squads of enemies.
  • Melee Counter
    • With the right timing you can deflect other melee fighters, even those with gravity hammers. 

Energy Sword Stats

  • Ammo Type: Special
  • Clip Size 10
  • Melee
  • Lethality 90/100


4. Sniper Rifle (Excellent)

I see you. 

The quintessential Halo sniper rifle has been among the best weapons in every game since day one. The Halo Infinite version is no exception. As long range as it gets combined with incredible stopping power, one shot kill on a headshot two anywhere else, earns this gun its spot in the top 5. 

While obviously designed to be used at mid to extreme ranges the sniper rifle is no slouch in close quarters either. In a pinch it’s good for depleting enemy shields and either double tapping them or switching to a more appropriate weapon to finish the fight. 

Sniper Rifle Strengths

  • Range
    • It doesn’t get better than a sniper rifle for accuracy at extreme distances. 
  • Stopping Power
    • Headshots are instakills, but hitting the enemy at all will deplete their shields and open them up for a kill shot. 
  • Rate of Fire 
    • Best sniper in the game in terms of firing quickly. You fire so fast it’s easy to waste a bullet on an already dead target. 
  • Vehicle Destruction
    • The sniper rifle excels at putting a lot of damage on a vehicle quickly. 

Sniper Rifle Stats

  • Ammo Type: Special
  • Clip Size: 4
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Lethality 90/100


3. Gravity Hammer (Best)

Parry this. 

The Gravity Hammer really outshines the Energy Sword in every way except speed of approach and rate of fire. Its area of effect is devastating and it manages to put a dent in even the largest of vehicles. One swing will remove all problems in your immediate vicinity without running the risk of damaging yourself. 

The only drawback to the Gravity Hammer is that it’s not as good at closing distances as the Energy Sword so try to avoid charging down any long hallways or across large open areas. Combined with mobility equipment the Gravity Hammer turns you into a force of nature. 

Gravity Hammer Strengths

  • Area of Effect
    • Swinging the Gravity Hammer emits a burst of destructive energy that will instantly kill any nearby enemies and do massive damage to vehicles.
  • Accuracy
    • There’s almost no need to aim with the Gravity Hammer making accuracy somebody else's problem.
  • Psychological Warfare
    • There’s really no more terrifying sight than an enemy bearing down on you with a Grav Hammer because there’s nothing you can do about it at a certain point.

Gravity Hammer Stats

  • Ammo Type: Special
  • Clip Size: 10
  • Melee
  • Lethality 100/100


2. Cindershot (Best)

Where do you think you’re going?

One of a few weapons that are introduced in Halo Infinite, the Cindershot is the spiritual successor of the Incineration Cannon from previous installments. It fires Hardlight explosive munitions that generate gravity wells when they detonate. They can bounce off surfaces and can be guided using the Cindershot’s alternate firing mode. 

The Cindershot is effective against ground vehicles due to its Hardlight ammo and explosive capabilities, but is devastating to groups of enemies. It not only deals out huge damage with every shot but also draws enemies towards the center of the explosion making escape difficult. 

Cindershot Strengths

  • Gravity Generator
    • Shots fired from the Cindershot have a gravitic effect, drawing enemies towards the center of the explosion they generate. 
  • Guided Missiles
    • The alternate firing mode allows you to directly control the arc of the projectiles allowing you to shoot around corners and behind cover.
  • Explosive Munitions
    • Great for taking out large groups of enemies as well as enemy ground vehicles. Air vehicles too if you manage to hit one.

Cindershot Stats

  • Ammo Type Special/Hardlight
  • Clip Size 6
  • Explosive/Guided/Bouncing
  • Lethality 100/100


1. Rocket Launcher

For when you absolutely positively have to waste everybody in the room. 

It doesn’t get better than good ol’ SPNKr Rocket Launcher. It’s been the best weapon in every Halo game ever made and that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon. Unparalleled destructive force makes the Rocket Launcher the number 1 priority to obtain on any map where it is present. 

Unfortunately all that power comes at the cost of pretty limited ammo and fierce competition for the weapon. Best practice is to get the Rocket Launcher and then use its full capacity ASAP to keep it out of the hands of the enemy team. Plus y'know, be careful not to blow yourself up. 

Rocket Launcher Strengths

  • Massive Stopping Power
    • Nothing in the game packs a punch like the Rocket Launch except maybe a tank. 
  • Crowd Control
    • Explosive ammo means the Rocket Launcher is good at thinning out crowds of enemies.
  • Vehicle Destruction
    • A couple rockets will give a bad time to anything short of a tank. 

Rocket Launcher Stats

  • Ammo Type Special/Explosive
  • Clip Size 2
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Lethality 100/100

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