Halo Infinite Promotes Recently Released Six-Part Spotify Series - Halo Infinite: Memory Agent

Halo Infinite Promotes Recently Released Six-Part Spotify Series - Halo Infinite: Memory Agent
Great battle lie in wait...

Halo is promoting the recently-released six-part Halo Infinite series on Spotify called ‘Memory Agent’ on its official Twitter.

At 3:01 PM CET on Sunday, 12 December 2021, Halo posted a tweet promoting the recently-released‘Halo Infinite: Memory Agent.’

The tweet stated, “Listen to a brand new six-part series, #HaloInfinite: Memory Agent - which tells the story of a special agent behind enemy lines, who has no memory of who she is. All six episodes are available now, exclusively on @Spotify.”

Halo on Spotify. Image by Spotify.

As described on the podcast’s Spotify ‘About’ section, the story is about a secret agent from the Office of Naval Intelligence. She is tasked with obtaining and relaying “critical intel” to the Master Chief. 

The agent’s memory is reset every 7 hours, and her activity and actions during those 7 hours are closely monitored. From action reports by other soldiers, and with the help of an AI companion, she is able to figure out how big of a piece of the puzzle she is and what role she plays.

The 6 chapters of the series are listed as follows:

  • Chapter 1: Operation Hourglass
  • Chapter 2: Faith
  • Chapter 3: We Deliver
  • Chapter 4: Unsavory Means
  • Chapter 5: Intruder Alert
  • Chapter 6: Impressions

The entire series comes to a total of about 60 minutes of audio and ends with an epic final stand against an overwhelming enemy force, during which the crew discovers their true potential in combat.

‘Halo Infinite: Memory Agent’ is available exclusively on Spotify.

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