[Guide] Halo Infinite How To Farm XP Fast (Top 5 Ways)

Farm XP fast in Halo Infinite
Farm XP fast with these tricks

We all know how important XP is to progressing through a modern video game. Halo Infinite is no different and offers plenty of ways to get the XP that you need. Read this guide to learn how you can progress through the new battle pass in a variety of ways.


1. Matchmaking

A Spartan attempting a flag capture. Looks like it's about to end badly.

This is the classic and most straight forward approach to earning XP in Halo Infinite. By simply playing games in matchmaking, you will consistently earn XP towards leveling up your battle pass. Play the featured game mode (highlighted in red on the menu screen) to earn XP even faster. These modes offer XP bonuses for all players. 

How it works

  • Simply play matchmaking to earn XP
  • Play the featured game mode for increased XP


2. Double XP boosts

A double XP boost from Halo Infinite.

Double XP boosts are incredibly important to utilize if you want to level up fast. You can find these XP boosts on the menu screen by pressing Y on your controller. Everyone earns these boosts through the battle passes, so if you were unaware of these you probably have at least a couple waiting to be used. Each boost lasts for an hour, so be sure you activate one when you know you’ll be playing the game for another sixty minutes. Don’t waste them!

How it works

  • On the menu screen, press Y on your controller to open the menu
  • Select a boost to activate it
  • Each boost lasts for an hour, so make sure you utilize them properly


3. Weekly challenges

Halo Infinite's weekly challenges screen.

This is another great way to earn XP fast. Every Tuesday, 343 updates the game with a set of  weekly challenges, giving players who complete them significant amounts of XP. And if you activate a double XP boost before completing a challenge, you’ll get twice the XP. So for maximum progression, pop an XP boost and try to quickly grind through the weekly challenges. You’ll get massive amounts of XP.

How it works

  • Every Tuesday, new weekly challenges are added 
  • If you have a challenge you don’t like, you can swap it out for a new one by selecting it on the challenge screen
  • These challenges, especially when combined with double XP boosts, give large amounts of XP
  • Completing all weekly challenges unlocks a free cosmetic item for your spartan


4. Daily rewards

Here's an example of a player completing one of their daily rewards.

The first couple of matches you play each day offer increased XP rewards. So if possible, play a couple of matches each day to maximize your battle pass progression. Battle passes in Halo can take awhile to complete, so it can definitely be worth it to utilize this trick.

How it works

  • Your first matches of the day give you an XP bonus
  • Simply play the game every day for faster battle pass progression


5. Custom games

A view of Halo Infinite's vast collection of custom games.

With Halo’s Season 5 update, 343 added the ability to earn XP while playing custom games. For players who prefer a more casual atmosphere, this is a great way to earn XP. However, custom games XP works a bit differently from matchmaking XP. In custom games, you won’t earn bonus XP for performing certain kinds of actions like you do in matchmaking. You simply get a flat rate of 10 XP per full minute spent in a custom game, meaning a 10 minute-long custom game match will net you 100 XP. This is significantly less XP than you can earn in matchmaking, where players can easily earn 500-1000 XP in a 10-minute match if they’re completing challenges and have double XP activated. However, those that enjoy the varied and light-hearted nature of custom games are probably willing to accept this tradeoff. 

How it works

  • Custom games offer 10 XP per each minute you play
  • However, it’s capped at 120 XP per match

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