Halo Infinite Best Forge Maps (Ranked)

Forge Maps Halo Infinite Ranked

    Competitive play has been a staple in Halo since the beginning and has continued all the way through to Infinite. The lifeblood of competitive Halo, or any competitive FPS for that matter, is map selection. While Infinite has some spectacular dev made maps to choose from, like Aquarius and Recharge, and forge made maps like Solitude and Starboard, there is always room to improve the map rotation. I mean this very sincerely, considering that Forge is the most powerful it’s ever been, and the line between dev made and forge made maps is extremely thin. I believe that 343 could take any of these maps in the following list (that is in no particular order), put them in ranked, and they would fit seamlessly into the rotation.


10. Guardian

Guardian, which first appeared in Halo 3, is a remote Forerunner structure where scores are settled. This map has been regarded as the counterpart to MW2’s Rust. Top mid is open, and only the foolish or cocky would dare jump into open territory such as that. The map has three lanes to run around on, and many ways to outsmart and out-maneuver your opponents.

Why Guardian should be in ranked:

  • Scaled well to compensate for Infinite’s movement
  • Stunning visuals
  • Homage to a beloved installment of the franchise
  • Plenty of skill jumps


9.  Sanctuary

Sanctuary first appeared in Halo 2, which some may argue is neck and neck with Halo 5: Guardians for the sweatiest title in the series. Regardless of which game takes the cake, this dilapidated, overrun, temple like map was built for competitive Halo. Two snipers spawn, and the map is symmetrical, which is the recipe for a skill-based blood bath.

Why Sanctuary should be in ranked:

  • Symmetrical map with plenty of power positions and choke points
  • Plays great for Capture the Flag, and would play well for something like Strongholds as well.
  • Power weapons are snipers on either side of the map, which allows for adequate skill expression.


8. Lockout

Lockout is another Halo 2 classic, except with one sniper. In creating Halo 3’s guardian, this map served as a great inspiration. Asymmetrical architecture, high vantage points, and multiple lanes and levels.

Why Lockout should be in ranked:

  • Stunning visuals. Forerunner structure lodged into a frozen cliffside.
  • Homage to a beloved installment of the franchise
  • Infinite’s physics open up the possibility for new rotations to be discovered, thus putting a new spin on this beloved map.


7. Oaxaca Station

This is the first map on the list that’s not a remake of a former multiplayer map! Instead, it is inspired by Cairo Station in Halo 2’s campaign. It made its matchmaking debut in a Team Doubles playlist, but it could easily host a sweaty 4v4 with lots of cross mapping mixed with close quarter jiggle peaks.

Why Oaxaca Station should be in Ranked:

  • Symmetrical map with a power up in the middle. The way it starts, with each player open to being cross mapped, feels reminiscent of a chess board. Your first move can also be your last.
  • Three lanes, multiple levels, and plenty of cheeky corners to escape through.
  • This map would pair great with the Quantum Translocator, Infinite’s newest equipment. Creating portals opens up a whole new dimension (haha!) for this map’s movement.


6. The Cage

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