[Top 10] Halo Infinite Best Custom Games

Best Halo Infinite custom games
Enjoy Halo Infinite's huge collection of custom games

10. Outskirts Firefight

Defend New Mombassa once again from the Covenant onslaught.

Outskirts Firefight is a recreation of the classic Halo 2 level. Thanks to Halo Infinite’s recent addition of forgeable AI enemies, this awesome remake features waves of enemies that the player must defeat. The enemies increase in difficulty, and while it’s possible to play solo, this mode is best played with friends. Use the environment and surrounding structures to outplay the AI and survive until the end.

How it works:

Outlast the enemy: You must defeat waves of enemies that increase in difficulty 

Use your surroundings: Utilize the environment around you to find powerful weapons and good positions to control the battlefield from

Play carefully: You only have a limited number of lives, so survival is paramount if you want to survive until the end


9. Lone Wolf (Survive)

Relive Noble 6's final moments in this cool fan remake.

This map is a remake of Halo Reach’s famous ending. You are left on a battlefield that’s been overrun by the Banished. There is limited ammo and each player has only one spare life. The goal is simple, which is to survive for as long as possible against never-ending waves of enemies.

How it works:

Survive: The only objective of the map is to survive

Utilize your resources: There is limited ammo and equipment on the map, so if you want to last a long time you need to play smartly


8. The Silent Cartographer Campaign Remake

Pay homage to Chief's roots with this awesome recreation.

This map is a remake of Halo CE’s iconic Silent Cartographer level. It takes about 30 minutes to complete and is a blast to play. The level has amazing attention to detail and you’ll be thoroughly entertained while playing it. The map has AI marines as well, so if you have nobody to play with you’ll still have some companions for your warthog.

How It Works:

Relive the past: Although it’s not a 1:1 remake, the level is highly reminiscent of the original mission, and will be a blast from the past for older Halo players.

Realistic AI enemies: The enemies and their placement around the level is extremely similar to the original game


7. Predator

Much like the picture, the predator can soar through the air in this gamemode.

This map, a popular fan favorite dating back to Halo 3, is a super fun infection mode to play. One player is the “predator”, while the rest are survivors. The predator is invisible and equipped with an energy sword, although he’s still vulnerable to gunfire with his reduced shields. The players have normal guns and must navigate a forest-style map to survive the predator’s onslaught until the time runs out. Each survivor, and the predator, only has one life.

How It Works:

Survive: Stay with your fellow survivors for better chances of survival. The predator is invisible and has a very high jump height, so he can attack from all angles

Pick your battles: If you’re the predator, choose wisely as to when you attack. If you attack a group that’s ready to return fire, you’ll probably die after your first swing with the energy sword. 


6. Duck Hunt

The duck hunter is ready to strike his prey.

Another classic Halo custom game, this is a homage to the old 1980s Duck Hunt game on Nintendo. One player, or a couple of players, are the hunters and are placed on a platform that overlooks an obstacle course. The rest of the players are the ducks, and must navigate the obstacle course while dodging sniper fire from the hunters. If a duck completes the course, they are given weapons and a teleporter to go eliminate the hunters. Each player has only one life.

How It Works:

Move quickly: The ducks most move quickly, since the hunters are overlooking them with sniper rifles

Use your teammates: Wait until the hunters are focused on teammates before leaving cover

Blend in: If you’re in first place ahead of the other ducks, the hunters will probably prioritize you


5. Pokemon Battle Arena

A dedicated recreation of Pokemon's arena.

This map allows Halo players to have their very own Pokemon battles. This map is very impressive, allowing the players to spawn Halo AI enemies as “pokemon” to duel against each other. You can even select each of your Pokemons’ loadout. This map is a blast to play with friends.

How It Works:

Use your point wisely: Each player starts with 1000 points, so try to put together the best combination of elites, hunters, grunts, and jackals with those points 

Figure out which loadouts work best: You also want to save some points for loadouts, so that you can give your “Pokemon” the best chance at victory


4. Shadow Strike

Chief looking dramatic as he looks to rid the ring of its purple infection.

This is a fan-made campaign level that is meant to be played with 24 players. It will be quite difficult if you try to play with too few of players. The team only has a limited number of lives, so you’ll need to work together to progress through the level without losing too many spartans. The level design is really fun, offering a variety of enviroments and situations to fight through.

How It Works:

Make it to the end: Complete the level by making it to the end without running out of lives

Teamwork: Make sure to play with your teammates to give you the best chance of completing the level


3. Inclemency

Here you can see Inclemency's vast level design.

As another fan-made campaign level, this one is super fun. It’s meant to be played with 1-4 players and allows spartans to use warthogs to progress through the map, while stopping at certain points to clear out enemies. The map design and environments are very impressive. It almost feels like a real campaign mission.

How It Works:

Use vehicles: The level is very big, so vehicles are a necessity to travel from area to area.

Teammates are optional: While teammates definitely make it more enjoyable, this level can be enjoyed solo without having too much difficulty.


2. Tower Defense Ultimate

A view of Tower Defense Ultimate's arena.

This map is Halo Infinite’s version of the classic tower defense genre. It’s extremely impressive, allowing spartans to function as the towers’ weapons. They must defend against waves of enemies who try to run through a path that snakes around the arena. Players accrue points that they can use to level up their loadout. You can even buy additional towers to defend from.

How It Works:

Use your points: With each of the 30 waves, the enemies get increasingly more difficult, so using points to upgrade yourself is very important

Strategize with your teammates: Figure out who wants to use which type of weapon, and where they want to defend from


1. Inheritor 

Forge Falcons even created a unique thumbnail for the gamemode.

Created by the Forge Falcons, this custom game is Halo Infinite’s version of a battle royale. This map is super impressive and made a big splash on the internet when it first released. Fans of the genre have hoped for Halo to get a battle royale mode, and this mode is probably the closest we’ll get for awhile. It is basically a fully functional battle royale, allowing players to drop in and choose where they land, scavenge their surroundings for loot, outmaunever the enclosing circle, and battle against opposing spartans and AI enemies. It even has multiple variants for solos, duos, trios, and quads, so that it can be enjoyed in multiple ways. 

How It Works:

Loot fast: Each player spawns with only a pistol, so make sure you land somewhere with loot (basically any large structure will have loot laying around)

Ordinance pods: In addition to loot that’s laying around the map, ordinance pods drop onto the map in various locations. These are great ways to find powerful weapons and equipment.

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