[Top 5] Dota 2 Best Bot Scripts ( 2022 edition )

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If you were looking for a sign to play Dota 2 today, this is it!

Dota 2 is a team game. You communicate with your teammates, work together as a unit, and combine your heroes to the best of your abilities. That makes Dota 2 fun to play. 

However, playing in a team with other people also means you have responsibilities and obligations. If you fail to fulfill your role, your teammates will get angry and the game will get less enjoyable for everyone. This is where Bot Scripts come in. You can try out new heroes, builds, and hero combinations. Without ruining anyone’s game.

If you are a beginner in Dota 2, looking to improve yourself, or you are looking for something different. This article is for you. We will discuss the Dota 2 Best Bot Scripts in 2022.

5. Beginner AI

A horde of scary heroes heading into battle. Are you strong enough to defy them all?!

This is a simple Dota 2 game for beginners. You get the chance to play with bots and improve the control of your hero. You can select any hero you want and learn his abilities, best combinations, his strengths, and weaknesses. 

If you’ve never played Dota 2, starting with real opponents is not recommended. First, you should test every hero, and try to understand his skills and abilities - and the role he’s best suited for. This is the perfect opportunity to do that and still have lots of fun!
You can download the script here: Steam Workshop::A Beginner AI:NEW (steamcommunity.com)


4. Dota 2 Imba

Hunter in the night. When the moonlight finally reveals my face, it's already too late. You are dead.

Dota 2 imba comes all the way from Dota 1 days. Overpowered abilities, runes, items. You get to experience a whole new game. It doesn’t really matter how knowledgeable about Dota 2 are you, this mode is a story all on its own. 

This fun-to-play game mode can be played against bots or other people. You can first try it out vs bots, so you learn the best heroes and use that advantage against your friends. 
You can download the script here: Steam Workshop::IMBABOTScript (steamcommunity.com)


3. Everyone Is Pudge

Fresh meat! Come here little boy, taste my cleaver!

Pudge is one of the most fun heroes to play in Dota 2. Out-think, out-skill, and out-smart your opponents. That’s the goal of this game mode. Everyone is playing the same hero, everyone is trying to hook you, and everyone is trying to avoid being hooked. 

This is a really fun mode if you are a fan of the hero. As a bonus, you might learn new tricks that you can use in a real game!
You can download the script here: Steam Workshop::Everyone is Pudge (steamcommunity.com)


2. Ranked Matchmaking AI

This fight between good and evil goes on every day. Which side do you choose?!

Ranked matchmaking AI is a bot script similar to the Beginner AI we already covered. In this mode, you can play against more highly skilled bots and improve your game even more. Some heroes in certain roles work only against lower-skilled opponents. This is your chance to learn that and get your game to the next level.

You can pick any hero and you can play every role you wish to get better at. And some games can be really fun! 
You can download the script here: Steam Workshop::Ranked Matchmaking AI (steamcommunity.com)


1. 1v1 Shadow Friend

A legendary mythical creature. Deadly. Powerful beyond measure. Can you master it?

This is a script for mid-laners. Shadow Fiend is THE hero for one-versus-one gaming. This is the opportunity to improve your laning stage, how to abuse the creep aggro, control runes, and get better at last hitting and denying creeps. 

This game mode will prepare you to be a better player. You can learn from the bots, and imitate their skill builds and actions. Improve your game so you can crush your friends and boast! 
You can download the script here: Steam Workshop::Standard 1v1 SF (steamcommunity.com)


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