The 25 Best Arma 3 Settings To Outplay Your Opponents!

Best Arma 3 Settings
Get More Kills In ARMA 3!

25. Vehicle free look 

This is a setting that lets you look around when inside a vehicle. To make sure it’s on, pause the game with the “escape" key and click the “configure” tab, then click “game” then make sure it is enabled. Now with it on, you can freely look around anywhere when using a vehicle without having to press a separate key. You can now look around using your mouse.

24. Head Bob 

This is a setting also in the “game options” tab that actually should be OFF. Because if it's on, the screen will shake when you’re walking. It's meant for realism and immersion, but it isn’t so great for gameplay. With the screen shaking so much, it will be too hard to see anything when you’re moving, so make sure it's off so that the screen is stable.  

23. Aiming dead zone  

Aiming dead zone allows your character to move their gun around without having to fully rotate their body, it's pretty cool. However, it can make the gameplay a bit awkward and clunky, so it's best to have it off.  

22. Shadows 

This is a graphic setting you can access by pausing the game and going to “configure” then “video options.” With this option, you can choose to have shadows on or off, it’s a very nice visual addition, but it can lower your fps/performance quite a bit if set too high. Preferably, you should have this disabled so that everything is easier to see, and the game will perform better. 

21. PIP (Picture In Picture)  

This is an awesome graphic setting that definitely should be on. Essentially, if enabled, you can use the rear view mirrors on your car to see stuff behind you. Make sure to go to “video options" again.  

20. Terrain 

This is another graphic setting, and this one sets how much grass is shown on the ground. This is also a nice looking visual, but can greatly lower your performance in the game, so it’s best to have it off. 

19. Sharpen filter 

This graphics setting will let you adjust how sharp and crisp the game looks, a crisper looking appearance will help you a lot when trying to see things in-game. To find this setting, make sure to go to “configure” then “video options” then “AA & PP” at the end.  

18. Interface size 

This affects the size of all the visual helpers on screen. Things like your health, ammo, stance, etc. Some people prefer to have this set to a larger scale, but it should be smaller to avoid clutter on your screen. This is in “video options” then “display.” 

17. Brightness 

This affects how bright the game is. By default, it’s set to the middle, I’d recommend setting it to a much higher amount, maybe even max it out. This will make the game much brighter, and easier for you to spot bad guys. 

16. Adaptive crosshair 

This setting moves your crosshair around depending on where your gun is pointing. It may sound nice, but it tends to make the crosshair sporadically move around many times, so it is best off.

15. Smoothing 

Smoothing helps make your aim more stable. With it enabled, it will make aiming much easier because it won’t be so shaky. 

14. Presets 

Many new players might find ARMA 3’s controls a bit awkward, a simple solution is to pick a different preset of controls. Go to your “controls” section in the options and click “presets” at the bottom. After that, try picking one of the 3 presets: “Arma 3 Apex,” “Arma 3 alternative,” or “Industry Standard.” These controls will definitely feel better to the average player. 

13. Clouds 

The cloud setting effects how detailed and nice the clouds look. Honestly, it’s kind of a useless setting and it may lower performance, so keep it off.  

12. Visibility  

This is in “video options” and it controls how far you can see. Generally, you want to keep this to a low to medium amount, because you probably won't ever need this to be super high. Setting this very high will also worsen performance. 

11. FSAA 

This setting affects how smooth objects in the game look. This probably affects the performance the most out of all settings, so it’s best to either keep it off or have it set low. 

10. Radial Blur 

Radial blur causes a blurring effect when moving. It’s a cool visual effect but can make it difficult to see things when moving, so it might be best when turned off. 

9. Rotational blur 

Similar to the above, this causes a blur effect when you turn around fast. Makes it hard to see things, keep it off.  

8. Depth of field 

This blurs out of focus objects. So, when aiming down sights, it will blur the objects around what you’re looking at. Turning it off will give you a big advantage. 

7. Sampling 

Similar to the sharper filter setting, this controls how clear and sharp your game looks. You definitely want this to be set to a higher number, preferably 100%. This will give you that edge. 

6. Vsync 

This prevents visual errors in the game, but this never really happens. Since it can reduce performance, it’s best off. 

5. Textures  

Textures control how detailed everything is, but it can degrade performance, and whether it is maxed out or set to the lowest, it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference in terms of looks. So it might be better when set lower. 

4. Dynamic lights 

Changing this determines how many light sources are present in game, this can also be bad for performance.  

3. Water reflections 

Water reflections may lower performance as well, best if off. 

2. VON 

This is an audio setting that you can find in the audio options. This controls the volume of the voice chat. You want to make sure this is pretty high so you can coordinate with your teammates and win! 

1. Sound sources  

This controls how many sound sources are in game, but can degrade performance once again, so keep it low. 

With these settings, you should have an edge in the game, enjoy! 

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