[Top 15] ARMA 3 Best Co-op Scenarios

ARMA 3 Best Co-op Scenarios
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Hello again to another top list. Today we have the top 15 co-op missions list for Arma 3. These are interesting, immersive and planned missions where you and your friends will have to complete the objectives.

Don’t forget there might be mods required for the missions.

We hope you will love them. Let’s begin.


15. Rainbow Six Reaper Threat

Trailer of Rainbow Six Reaper Threat

A former DEVGRU officer that has been betrayed by his own country forms a terrorist group named “The Reapers” in an attempt to destroy the government. 

You are a member of Rainbow Six, a special unit formed for counter-terrorism. And your team's task is to bring down The Reapers.

This is a very good mission loved by the community, and I believe you will love it as well.

Get the mod here:



14. Red Squadron

Playthrough of Red Squadron

Red Squadron is an assault team, part of DEVGRU. They are being deployed in Afghanistan to eliminate ISIS and Taliban forces who are smuggling a nuclear weapon.

This mission is a 5 player mission, which has both day and night missions. It has both custom sound effects and tactical music. This is another mod that you and your friends will love.

Get the mod here:




Playthrough of Baphomet

Baphomet is a different co-op mission. With a maximum of 4 players, this mission is a little more thrilling, so gather your team to dive into some strange events.

A portal to hell has opened on Earth. Sun’s light has been absent since that day and the human race is dying. The only hope left is you, the Knights Templar which is a tactical group of holy warriors fighting for the cross. 

It is time to destroy those zombies and demons. If you love the concept, you will love the mission as well.

Get the mod here:




Banner picture of A Long Way

A Long Way is a more basic mission with multiple objectives around the map. This mission can be played as singleplayer or 2-4 player co-op. The weather and time can be set up with parameters.

The objectives are:

  • Eliminate Karim Yamala
  • Destroy enemy AA for local army
  • Find and secure intel

Target positions, enemy loadout and spawns are random each time, so you cannot experience the same gameplay. If you just want to jump in action without much of a storyline, try this mission.

Get the mod here:




Banner picture of Till the End

You and your team are on the way back home from a data securing mission. Then something terrible happens.

Now you have new objectives with lots of enemies around you. Objectives are:

  • Find a way out
  • Rearm
  • Update your map
  • Open communications
  • Secure the data
  • Rescue the pilot
  • Destroy AA guns
  • Extraction

This is an up to 4 player co-op mission with a playtime of approximately 1 hour. So you can directly dive in and play with your friends.

Get the mod here:



10. Into the Fog

Screenshot from Into the Fog

Into the Fog is an early morning operation played by up to 4 players, so wear your night vision goggles. 

Rebels have ambushed a Nato convoy, killing 4 personnel and stealing weapons onboard. You are tasked to eliminate the weapons and the person responsible for the ambush. Once the task is complete you will be extracted.

This is a short mission with low light conditions, but it is a pretty good one. 

Get the mod here:



9. Strike Back


Strike back trailer

Strike back is a large co-op mission with up to 10+2 players. 

There is a hostage situation and it is your job to find and rescue the hostages. You have access to a transport helicopter, munitions and artillery. You get to plan how to go in and what to do.

This is an amazing mission for a group of friends, allowing you to plan and gear up accordingly.

Get the mod here:




Playthrough of Lights Out

Lights out is a night operation, preferred to be played with 3 or 4 players.

Human intelligence has confirmed Abdul-Khaliq Zahir Abdallahs location at Galati. The compound is heavily guarded, and the village has hostiles occupied, therefore an enemy QRF is to be expected. Go in there and eliminate the target.

I love the mission as you can play in pitch blackness, just don’t forget to destroy the transformer.

Get the mod here:



7. Operation Vulture

Screenshot from Operation Vulture

A joint SAS/SBS strike team is infiltrating rebel-held Thirsk to reach a crashed NATO plane. The rebels are searching the crash site and surrounding forest for survivors. You have to get there before the rebels do.

The operation is created to be played with 2 teams, which means 10 players. The lower the number of players, the harder the mission will be.

I like snowy maps and infiltration missions, and I am pretty sure you will like this mission as well.

Get the mod here:



6. Operation Black Dagger

Screenshot from Operation Back Dagger

Operation Black Dagger is another infiltration mission. You are tasked to destroy the enemy AA tank and radar station so the NATO forces can attack in a large force

This is a 4 player mission. The only issue is it is in German. Otherwise, this is another amazing mission.

Get the mod here:




Gameplay of Like a Ghost

Like a Ghost is a 2 player mission with an approximate playtime of 1 hour.

You are an undercover agent with multiple tasks:

  • Assassinate a target
  • Take photos of a weapons shipment
  • Rescue possible hostages

If you are interested in playing an infiltration mission with a friend, undercover, this is a mission to go for.

Get the mod here:




Banner of Negotiation

Another 4 player co-op mission with a playtime of approximately 1 hour. 

Your objective is to get back stolen high-risk documents and find the weapons dealer. Although you are there as a negotiation team, you have received orders to eliminate the dealer and thief.

Get the mod here:




Banner of Disarmament

A separatist group is planning a military coup. This group has already acquired 2 tanks and 2 jets. Your objectives are to destroy the tanks, eliminate the leader and engineer, and destroy the jets on the airfield.

This is a 6 player co-op mission. Be fast and precise, they will never know what hit them. 

Get the mod here:



2. Dynamic Bulwarks: Build - Defend - Survive

Trailer of Dynamic Bulwarks

This is another interesting mission type. There is no story or objective list here. 3 words: “Build - Defend - Survive”.

You start in a random town with no equipment. You will have to quickly find a weapon and other loot to defend yourself against ever increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Killing enemies will earn you points. Spend your points on structures to build your bulwark or purchase Supports such as Airstrikes to defend your Bulwark and survive the unending hordes of hostiles.

This is a perfect mission to spend time with your friends, to progress and achieve higher horde levels. It reminds me of COD zombie waves.



1. Dynamic Recon Ops

Trailer of Dynamic Recon Ops

Dynamic Recon Ops is a randomized, replayable scenario that generates an enemy occupied AO with a selection of tasks to complete within. Select your AO location, the factions you want to use and any supports available or leave them all randomized and see what mission you are sent on.

DRO supports many players on one mission and can be played on many different maps. You can see the map list in the download link.

DRO is one of the best mission creators and is loved by the community. You should have it on your list.

Get the mod here:



These are the top 15 co-op scenarios of Arma 3. We hope you agree with our list and love the hard work these creators have done. 


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