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Arma 3 Best Weapons
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In the world of Arma III, where military conflicts, large-scale engagements, and sporadic firefights exist, your choice of weapon as an operator varies extremely.

 Here is a list of arma 3 weapons that will help you single out the most effective weapon for your next mission.

10. Titan MPRL Compact

A necessity for any squad or team of operators working in the field. The Titan Multi-Purpose Rocket Launcher is the Swizz Army knife of the modern military in Arma III. With its fly-by-wire system, heat locking ability and both AP (anti-personnel) and AT (anti-tank) capabilities, it is formidable at engaging both soft and hard targets at medium to long-range. What’s great about the Titan MRPL Compact: 

  • “Fire and forget”-system allows the user to fire the missile and retreat back to cover.
  • Can lock on to any heat signature and hit the target with pinpoint accuracy. 
  • Diversity in the payload can help engage different targets to full effect.

9. RGN Grenade

Best used as an offensive tool, the RGN grenade is compared to the RGO counter-part, lighter and has less explosive power. This might sound like a downgrade, but, this does not only allow the user to throw it further, it also allows the user to carry more of them. Simultaneously, in an urban environment, collateral damage is reduced due to the lower amount of explosives. What’s great about the RGN grenade: 

  • Allows the user to throw the grenade far and accurately.
  • The lightweight allows the user to carry more.
  • Limited explosive radius reduces the possibility of friendly fire.

8. PDW2000 (9mm)

Now, this little beauty might get overlooked a lot because it’s “just an SMG.” But this thing is like an angry wasp. It’s small, extremely reliable, and it spits out 9mm bullets at about a 1000 rounds per minute. If you’ve ever operated as a guerilla fighter within Arma, then you probably know about the PDW2000. It’s light and absolutely lethal at close range. What’s great about the PDW2000: 

  • High fire rate of 9mm projectiles gives high stopping power.
  • The low weight of the SMG allows the operator to be very mobile. 
  • Manageable recoil allows you to spray a precise hail of bullets in seconds.

7. ASP-1 Kir (12.7 mm)

While “technically” considered a marksman rifle, you’ll have trouble finding any actual marksmen using this rifle anywhere. However, this semi-automatic weapon is a monster under the right circumstances, and what it lacks in range and precision, its make up for with damage and concealment. With a built-in suppressor and 12.7mm sub-sonic ammunition, it’s ideal for the covert operator within urban or jungle environments. (Note: I wouldn’t recommend using a scope as the artwork depicts, go for a holo sight or a red dot instead.) What’s great about the ASP-1 Kir: 

  • Surprisingly high rate of fire for a semi-automatic 12.7mm rifle.
  • Unstoppable at close to medium range.
  • Low audible profile. 

6. SPMG (.338)

The Special Purpose Machine Gun is the nicer way of saying “belt-fed death machine.” This weapon is a light to medium-weight machine gun that fires high caliber bullets. It’s an all-purpose tool, which means you can attach bipods, sights, and scopes to it. Hell, you can even fit it with a suppressor and shoot helicopters out of the sky covertly. Do I need to go any further? What’s great about the SPMG:

  • Can take out lightly armored vehicles like nobody’s business.
  • Extremely accurate up to 2000 meters. Yes, 2000 meters.
  • Negates cover. Wood. Steel. It does not care. It will find you. And it will kill you.

5. MX Series (6.5mm)

The MX-rifle series is my go-to selection when serving as a rifleman in any platoon or fire squad. Whether it is the MX 3GL with a grenade launcher attachment, the MX SW light support weapon, or the MXM marksman version with the longer barrel, I always enjoy using these rifles. Decent damage, decent recoil, decent weight. It’s a good all-around rifle. What’s great about the MX-series:

  • Multi-purpose rifle series.
  • Decent in all aspects.
  • Excels at short to medium range.

4. GM6 Lynx (12.7mm)

Come on, you didn’t think I could make a list and not mention the Lynx? For me, this is without a doubt the best high-caliber sniper rifle in the entire game. The contests of snipers are always between the GM6 Lynx and the M320 LRR, but for me, the Lynx makes up for its lack of long-range precision through its use of APDS (Armor Piercing Discarding Sabots) ammunition, which shreds the armor of MRAPs and APCs. What’s great about the GM6 Lynx:

  • Different types of ammunition make it a versatile tool.
  • Effective against targets up to 2000 meters.
  • Extremely effective against infantry and armored vehicles.

3. Zafir (7.62mm)

In my personal opinion, the best light machine gun available in Arma 3. Whenever I am a squad leader, I always want my MG-guy to carry a Zafir. It has a ridiculously high rate of fire, clocking in at almost a 1000 rounds per minute. On top of that, it is very accurate, and has a high ammo count, allowing your support gunner to lay down a barrage of accurate suppressing fire, should it be necessary. I absolutely adore this weapon. What’s great about the Zafir:

  • High rate of fire and large belt size.
  • Excellent precision.
  • 7.62mm ammunition allows for decent armor penetration.

2. TRG-21 (5.56mm)

Second on the list, and my go-to weapon as a squad leader. In general, I do not like 5.56mm ammunition in Arma 3, but the exception to the rule is TRG-21. I like to be light as a squad leader and not carry around a lot of stuff. Because of this, I fill most of my magazines with tracers, to pinpoint targets for my squad. The TRG-21 is excellent for spraying tracers in a general direction, showing my guys what to engage. In close to medium range, it functions with a stable recoil, allowing me to hold my own. Additionally, a grenade launcher can be attached for further versatility. I never leave home without it. What’s great about the TRG-21:

  • Versatile, stable and precise.
  • Light-weight allows you to be mobile.
  • Grenade launcher attachment is effective up to 400 meters.

1. Mk18 ABR (7.62mm)

This is the number one for me when playing as an operator. The Mk18. It is in my opinion, the perfect rifle. It’s precise, has a decent damage output at long range, and functions well on full auto in close quarters. Fit it with a bipod and a suppressor, and you’re a lethal, covert sniper. With the addition of the grip, you can hold your own in close encounters too. This is the rifle I feel most comfortable with at all ranges. I can’t say enough good things about this weapon. What’s great about the Mk18 ABR:

  • Effective at all ranges.
  • Decent stopping power.
  • Attachments allow for versatile assignments as an operator.

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