15 Best Arma 3 Single Player Mods That Make The Game More Fun!

 Best Arma 3 Single Player Mods
Go ahead, mod my day.

Need a break from the multiplayer but have completed the Arma 3 campaign one too many times?

Well, hold on to your butt, because I have compiled a slamming list of beautiful additions to your Arma 3 library that is sure to keep you occupied for hours and hours.

There is something for everyone here. I guarantee it.

15. M.E.R.C.S

This is a very well-made, user-created campaign. You play as a mercenary, operating out of an HQ for, you guessed it, mercenaries. From the HQ you have the ability to take on new missions, buy weapons, hire new recruits and so on. The experience is very enjoyable. 

  • Decent story with consequences for the player’s choices.
  • Very polished presentation of both the world and missions.
  • Highly rewarding in terms of completion. 

Get the mod here

14. Virtual CQC Firefight

This one is a pretty neat addition to the game. If you’ve ever played Metal Gear Solid, then you’ll be familiar with the idea of VR (Virtual Reality) training for soldiers. Well, this is exactly that. This lets you get familiar with the weapons and movement of the game in a virtual environment. 

  • Similar to the virtual arsenal, but with AI that fights back.
  • Lets you get comfortable with weapons and movement.
  • Very helpful for new players.

Get the mod here

13. Baphomet

The portal to hell has opened to earth's realm. Our only hope for salvation is you, the Knights Templar, a tactical, holy warrior who serves the cross. The quest to destroy true evil begins tonight.

  • Fight against zombies to save humanity.
  • Close hell gates.
  • Very spooky atmosphere.

Get the mod here. 

12. Escape from Tanoa

This one is a blast. You start off as a prisoner, and you have to escape from your confinement. After having dispatched the soldiers guarding you, you have to make a run for it, hoping to get off the island with the rest of the military chasing you. Things get intense! (Ps. This is also great with a friend or two.)

  • Highly stressful.
  • Very intense shootouts. 
  • Extremely satisfying to complete.

Get the mod here

11. DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System)

DUWS is a dynamically generated campaign system. It allows you to set up and experience an all-out, persistent conflict that lets you log out and come back later to pick up where you left off. Highly enjoyable with lots of replayability. 

  • Dynamically generated. Every playthrough could potentially be new.
  • Command AI and use them to take over the island. 
  • Decent-sized campaign. 

Get the mod here

10. Ravage

This is basically offline DayZ. You start in a random location with the bare minimum to survive. From here, you have to find food, weapons, and shelter to sleep in. With bandits and zombies roaming around everywhere, surviving won’t be easy, I guarantee you that.

  • Zombie apocalypse. 
  • Surviving is very difficult.
  • Wiping out a squad of goons is amazing.

Get the mod here. 

9. GREUH Liberation

In Liberation, you are an opposing faction to the military power currently occupying an island. You take over the island by crippling enemy communication towers and gain resources by capturing factories. These resources will then be used to arm yourself with weapons of all kinds.

  • Massive in scale.
  • Highly satisfying to take over enemy bases and outposts.
  • Go about your business however you want to.

Get the mod here. 

8. Antistasi Altis

One of the most satisfying Arma 3 experiences out there. You’re a resistance member doing your best to keep the occupying forces from taking control of the island. Through propaganda, guerilla warfare and sabotage you try to win the population over towards your cause. If you do it the right way, you can even get NATO to support your cause. 

(Ps. This one is also amazing with friends.)

  • Kill enemies and steal their equipment.
  • Take over factories to gain resources and more manpower.
  • Start with nothing, and become everything.

Get the mod here. 

7. Hunter Six

This is user-made addition to the vanilla Arma 3. And I have to say it is something truly unique. It combines the features of a first-person shooter with the tactical overview of an RTS. It is nothing short of spectacular. I highly recommend this one.

  • Play as a team of Navy SEALS.
  • Command troops through an RTS-like order-system.
  • RPG-like elements allow for the increase of squad members abilities.

Get the mod here. 

6. Community Upgrade Project (CUP)

As a compilation of several mods, this is a project that aims at bringing in all of the content from both the first and the second Arma games into Arma 3. This includes weapon packs, equipment, vehicles, and objects alike. Perfect for players looking to create their own missions.

  • Huge collection of “new” assets.
  • Thousands and thousands of new objects for mission creation.
  • Takes mission creation to a whole new level.

Get the mods here. 

5. Faces of War

Taking out the near-futuristic setting of Arma 3, this mod brings it back to World War 2. The mod puts you in the boots of the Allied forces that stormed the beaches of Normandy. With authentic uniforms and weapons, this mod would be a huge addition to your collection.

  • Intricately detailed uniforms of the WWII factions.
  • Single-player campaign.
  • Gorgeous weapon design.

Get the mod here. 

4. The Unsung Vietnam War Mod

A full rework of the vanilla Arma 3 assets. Beautiful work from top to bottom, providing the player with new skins, weapons, and missions related to the Vietnam war. Very well-made and enjoyable experience.

  • Authentic Vietnam War experience.
  • Well-polished assets.
  • Full single-player campaign.

Get the mod here. 

3. There Is Only War

Time to bust out the big guns! Literally. This is a total conversion. As a fan of Warhammer 40K fan, this mod is a truly a breathtakingly gorgeous piece of art. The amount of work that has gone into the creation of this mod is astounding. The intricate details of every unit are marvelous. My personal favorite is the commissar of the Imperials. Absolutely stunning.

  • Total conversion of Arma 3 to Warhammer 40K. 
  • Beautiful artwork. Nothing short of spectacular.
  • For the Emperor!

Get the mod here. 

2. Star Wars: Opposition

I don’t even know where to start with this one. It’s such a well-mod addition to the game that it’s almost impossible to list all the cool features. This mod contains new skin, new weapons, new vehicles, cool equipment and much much more. You have to try this.

  • Complete rework of almost every Arma 3 asset.
  • Blaster effects are extremely polished.
  • Works perfectly as both single-player and with friends.

Get the mod here. 

1. Operation: TREBUCHET

TREBUCHET developers: I heard you had a very nice Star Wars mod? Well, hold our beers. This is an absolute monster of a mod. Not only is a Halo total conversion, but it also gives the player the ability to integrate other mods, like ACE and use other user-created campaigns.

  • Total conversion of Arma 3 to Halo. 
  • Amazing skins and weapons.
  • Extremely well-made in all aspects.

Get the mod here.

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