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ARMA 3 Best Ai Mod
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Welcome another top list for Arma 3. Today we will be listing the best mods to improve the AI you are fighting with or against in multiplayer or your scenarios. These mods change the way AI behaves, aims and uses vehicles. Don’t forget, each AI mod changes the behavior; and therefore make sure the mods don’t conflict with each other.

Further ado, here are the top 10 AI mods.


10. AI accuracy fix

Although Arma 3 is a military simulator, the AI can sometimes be annoying with their nearly perfect shooting and not missing any bullet. There is no way an LMG can accurately shoot from 500+ meters; but as you would guess, Arma 3 AI can snipe you with an LMG.

AI accuracy fix lowers down the AI accuracy, causing the AI to act a little more like a human and realistic. This is a small mod, only to change the accuracy. Down the list are more complex mods that can include this feature. 

Get the mod here:



9. Universal Difficulty Overhaul

Universal Difficulty Overhaul is a mod that allows you to control the AI difficulty. For some players, AI can be overpowered and punishing; and for some, it can be a piece of cake.

UDO also brings in higher difficulties than the vanilla version, allowing you to create a super hard and realistic AI that will not give you any slack.

Get the mod here:



8. Ultimate Mobility Overhaul

Created by the same creator of UDO, UMO is a mobility mod that changes both the player's and the AI’s speed according to the weight they carry. In general, it gives more speed and keeps longer stamina; but if you are overweight, the mod will punish you. 

Get the mod here:



7. Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

Introduction to Arma 3 - Tactical Combat Link

TCL is a great mod that completely changes AI in general. It improves the AI movement in tactical manners, paradrops and idle actions; and brings in new features such as requesting troop support, requesting artillery strikes and using equipment or cars nearby.   

This mod is finished. 

Get the mod here:



6. Group Link - X -

Group Link is a new mod being created by the same creator of TCL. GL does not have all of the features of TCL and is at the moment focused on the AI reaction and movement.

GL brings in a more aggressive AI than its predecessor, and has better coding than the mod before it, allowing the AI to react faster as the coding is faster.

This is a work in progress mod.

Get the mod here:



5. All-in-One Single-Player Project

Introduction to All In One Command Menu - Deluxe

All-in-One Single-Player Project is not a mod that changes AI behaviour or movement. This is a mod that allows you to easily control the AI in your squad or team. The AI will react faster to your commands, will take faster formations and you get new commands for the AI such as tasking them to plant EOD’s, clear buildings, mount equipment and so on.

This is another mod that is a work in progress, but does look promising.   

Get the mod here:



4. ASR AI 3

ASR AI is another AI enhancement mod. It adds reactions to the AI under fire, forcing them to move to cover, radio in enemy locations and use static weapons. The AI also changes speed and stance accordingly.

In general, it adds more realism to the AI, but doesn’t add new features.

Get the mod here:



3. LAMBS_Danger.fsm

A showcase of LAMBS Danger's Reaction to Fire

LAMBS is a well known mod around the Arma 3 community. It is a mod that extends the vanilla file of reaction and response to fire, causing the AI to react and respond as soon as it notices a threat. 

Troops panic and run into buildings, react even if they don’t spot the enemy, fire towards the incoming enemy fire and hide if there are powerful enemy vehicles nearby such as tanks. Lastly, the AI will aim the tank turret towards the enemy fire, even if it does not have sight.

This mod is a small mod that changes a lot, allowing the game to be more realistic and fun.

Get the mod here:



2. bCombat

bCombat is an infantry AI mod. It is different from all mods in this list. As well as it has the most basic features such as movement and combat improvement, it also brings a completely new feature to the AI troops, which is morale.

Depending on the morale, the AI accuracy increases or decreases. The number of spotted enemies, explosions, whizzing bullets, ricochets, wounds and casualties are factors that affect the AI morale. 

I find the morale idea remarkable, but other mods might be doing a better job in improving the AI realism. 

Get the mod here:



1. Vcom AI

VCOM AI Banner

Vcom is an improvement mod on the Arma 3 AI, forcing the AI to be faster, smarter and deadlier. Not only it improves the movement, but also allows the AI to be smarter and put down traps, deploy static weapons, garrison buildings, steal vehicles, heal more often, rearm from dead bodies and so on. 

The additional feature in this mod is an experimental driving feature, stopping vehicles from running over their own troops. Vcom is a very good AI mod, used by many players. 

Get the mod here:



These are the top 10 AI mods in my opinion. All mods have pros and cons in different aspects, some work with no fps issues but have slow reaction times, some work perfectly but don’t have all the features you would like them to have. The best way to see which AI mod is perfect for you would be to test it yourself and see the results.

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