15 Best ARMA 3 Mods That Make The Game More Awesome!

Best ARMA 3 Mods
Try these mods to make ARMA 3 the best fun ever

15. Zombies and demons 

Video of zombies and demons here. 

If you’ve ever wanted zombies and demons in ARMA 3, well, here is your chance. This mod basically adds them to the game, and makes things a little bit more interesting for people who want more of a zombie experience, rather than a military game. Check out the mod here. 

14. The Unsung Vietnam war mod 

Check out this video of the mod here. 

This mod is basically like a DLC that adds Vietnam war stuff to the game! Vietnam war weapons, vehicles, characters, etc! Check out Unsung here. 

13. Chernobyl zone 

Video of Chernobyl here. 

The Chernobyl accident of 1986 was well known around the world after it happened. What this mod does is add Chernobyl as an actual map for ARMA 3. The cool part is, it was created to be very similar to the real Chernobyl in Ukraine. Check out Chernobyl here. 

12. Breaking point 

Video of breaking point here. 

With Breaking Point, you are a survivor in the year 2035 in Europe, where a massive infection has spread throughout the entire region, leaving many infected, but some still alive. Your goal is to gather resources, find other survivors, and protect yourself from other hostile players or zombies. Click here for Breaking point. 

11. HMCS addon 

Video of it here. 

This adds a giant robot from the gungriffon series. It basically looks like a huge walker from Star Wars that you can pilot and shoot things with. Want to check this out? Click here. 

10. Faces of war 

Faces of war mod video here 

Faces of war brings World War 2 to ARMA 3. So, if you’re tired of the modern war stuff, try this mod, and you’ll get all the WW2 stuff you could ever desire. Link to Faces of War here. 

9. Specialist military arms  

SMA video here 

SMA brings a ton of new, cool weapons into ARMA 3. All the weapons are based off real life guns that are currently used by militaries all around the globe today. SMA link here. 

8. CUP vehicles 

Video of CUP vehicles 

If you want more tanks, jets, helicopters, etc. to play around with, this is the mod for you. This brings all the content from the previous ARMA games into ARMA 3. CUP mod page here. 

7. CUP weapons 

CUP Weapons video here 

If you want even more weapons in ARMA 3, this mod will provide you with that. This mod has got stuff like AK47’s, M4’s and so on! CUP weapons page here 

6. CUP terrains/maps 

CUP terrains demo here 

This is a mod that adds more maps to the game which are from previous ARMA series games. Check out the maps here. 

5. Epoch 

Demo of Epoch here 

Epoch places you in a post-apocalyptic setting where a lethal virus has killed off almost everyone in existence. The only survivors are clones who wake up during this time and are left with no other option but to survive. Check it out here. 

4. NIArms MP5 SMGs 

Demo of NIArms MP5s here 

if you're a fan of the MP5 Submachine gun, get this mod. You'll get tons of different types of this gun to play around with. Click here to check it out. 

3. NIArms FAL Rifles 

NIArms FAL demonstration here 

Any FAL rifle fan will love this one, basically, this brings multiple FAL types to the game. Check it out here. 

2. ADR-97 Weapon Pack 

Demonstration of the ADR here 

The P90 SMG, a huge fan favorite, gets added to the game with this mod, coolest part is, it’s made by the actual developers of the game. Get the mod here. 

1. FHQ Firearms and weapons pack 

Check out how the FHQ weapons work here 

This adds even more weapons to the game, allowing for more diverse play. Check out the mod here. 

And there you have it, try out all these mods today, and see how you like them! There are plenty of other mods out there for you to try so make sure to look around! 

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