[Top 15] ARMA 3 Best Single Player Scenarios

ARMA 3 Best Single Player Scenario
Extraction from hot zone!

Welcome back, dear readers. I hope you liked our last  Arma 3 mods, but hold on, now we are back with a new list; the top 15 Arma 3 scenarios. This is for you lot who loves to play for objectives and play along with a storyline in singleplayer or co-op. 

The scenarios in this list do vary from civilian to military, from flying to swimming, and from running away to attacking. As we try to show the best mods for you, we also try to make each scenario as different as possible. Don’t forget these mods might have other mod dependencies. 

Now get ready for take-off!


15. On the other side [SP]

Banner of On The Other Side

CSAT has been attacking the AAF/NATO airbase. This is an infiltration mission to eliminate the enemy artillery for the upcoming NATO counterattack.

This is a basic and short scenario, but it is satisfying to fly in, destroy that artillery and finish the storyline. It’s a good scenario to start. Requires no addons. 

Get the mod here:



14. Ground Attack

Littlebird firing at the enemy convoy

This is a very basic helicopter scenario. The mission is to take out the enemy convoy moving on the map with your armed littlebird. 

Though this does not seem like a full mission, it is a great start for attack chopper training and for a short scenario in case you do not want to spend a long time ingame.

Get the mod here:




Playthrough of the scenario Liberty

Liberty is a singleplayer only mission that occurs on the ship USS Liberty. CSAT has attacked the coalition forces and has managed to damage two ships, sinking one of them. As a soldier you are tasked to clear the ship you are on, and then dive in the water to retrieve confidential documents from the sunken ship.

As stated above, you are on a ship, and therefore the mission is CQC based. It feels amazing to navigate through a US ship, checking corners and eliminating enemies. At the very end, you gear up to dive, which is a completely different experience, especially if you have never dived before.

French, English and Spanish are supported.

Get the mod here:




Playthrough of Act of Valor

Act Of Valor mission has been created with inspiration from the Act Of Valor (2012) movie. As a Seal Team 7 member, you are deployed into the jungle swamp of Costa Rica to rescue a CIA agent captured by smugglers.

Although it seems like a casual operation, the halo jump and crawling through the night changes the experience a lot, giving you an impressive sight.

Get the mod here:



11. Hunter Six - Special Operations Unit

Trailer of Hunter Six

Hunter six is a mission creator, creating random intel locations and enemies around Altis. The objective is to find the intel on hostages around the map and rescue them. Since the missions spawn randomly, every time you repeat this mission you will gain a new experience.

There is not a specific storyline; but there is a concept and every time you play this mission you will have new routes, new approaches and new locations. This is a ready to go mission that you should keep on the corner.

Get the mod here:



10. Operation Scar [SP]

Playthrough of Operation Scar

In Operation Scar you are a special forces unit parachuting in from the skies of Stratis in the night to eliminate and destroy the enemy radio tower. It is an immersive mission that can have multiple endings.

Sounds like an easy mission? To be honest it can be easy if you know what you are doing. I suggest you to play this mission and see how you do. 

Get the mod here:



9. Sniper Valley

Playthrough of Sniper Alley

Sniper Valley is one of the best and easy mods here on the list. Your job is to spot and eliminate enemy snipers lurking in the shadows and getting to your objectives. Once the mission is over you will call in for an extraction. 

This mission is quite basic and easy, spot enemy snipers and shoot them. There are no mod requirements, just download and play. I love playing as a sniper; spotting, getting the range and taking down enemies is just for me. Hope you’ll love it as well. 

Get the mod here:




Trailer of The Bunker

You are a member of the death squad sent to secure and disarm a deadly prototype weapon named the Nightmare Project. The project is located in a bunker found in the south of Malden island.

It is a dark and close environment, make sure you check your corners and your back. You’ll like this mod.

Get the mod here:



7. Warpath [SP]

Playthrough of Warpath

Warpath is an interesting scenario. As the conflict between NATO and CSAT becomes more intense, the possibility of using nuclear weapons arises. And NATO wouldn’t want such an event occurring and therefore sends a team in to negotiate.

But the interesting part is; though you are going there to negotiate, don’t forget you don’t negotiate with the enemy.

The story of the scenario is great and there is a lot of action in this mission. This is for you guys who love stories.

Get the mod here:


6. Arma 3 S.W.A.T

Trailer of S.W.A.T

Arma 3 S.W.A.T is a very different mission from the most on this list and steam. Since Arma 3 is a military simulator, most missions are shoot to kill. In S.W.A.T the objective is to incapacitate hostels and rescue hostages in a CQW environment. 

It reminds me of the old S.W.A.T game, where you breached doors with a flashbang or used tasers to stun hostiles. If you are a S.W.A.T fan, this mod is for you. 

Get the mod here:



5. Pilot Civilian Air Rescue On Mission

Gameplay of Civilian Air Rescue

Bored of fighting? Do you just want to fly in Arma 3 casually without being shot? Well, you're at the right place.

Pilot Civilian Air Rescue on Mission is a scenario where you are a rescue team pilot on Altis, flying over the island to save and, or transport civilians around the map. This brings a calm period to your combat persistent Arma 3 gameplay. 

Get the mod here:



4. Liberation 1944

Trailer of Liberation 1944

From the year 1944, you should get the scenario idea. Liberation 1944 is a WW2 mission simulating the Normandy landings as the allied forces. 

This scenario uses a few mods for the WW2 concept. It is also both singleplayer and co-op. So if you want to relive the first days of the allied forces' invasion, this is a scenario you must play. 

Get the mod here:



3. Mouth For War 

A picture of the jet you will be flying

Mouth for War is a scenario where you act as a jet pilot, tasked to destroy enemy CSAT targets. But beware, the CSAT has many AA weapons in the area and will take you down if you don’t be careful.

As we have gone through lots of infantry scenarios, we wanted to put in a few vehicle missions as well. Flying a jet is a completely different experience and is not for everyone. But if you are interested in flying jets, this is a good feeling of what flying fast and hitting hard is. 

Get the mod here:



2. Insurgency Vietnam

A wave of choppers in Vietnam

Insurgency Vietnam is a Vietnam War-era scenario. You are a US trooper fighting against the local insurgents. The main objective is to locate and destroy all supply points in the AO.

This scenario needs Vietnam-era mods to work. There is a revive/respawn mechanic in this scenario and every time you replay it, enemies and objectives will spawn randomly. If you like to be in the Vietnam war, start downloading the mods and the scenario.

Get the mod here:



1. Dynamic Combat OPS

DCO Trailer

DCO is a scenario generator. You choose your base location and the faction you want on the map; and there you go, you have a scenario. It is quite good to get a full scale, ready operation just in a few minutes and will feel different as each time it will be random.

DCO works on many maps, but you need to download the file for that specific map. You can find the full list in the mod list below.

Get the mods here:



I hope you will like our top 15 scenario list and have fun with them. Hope to see you in the next article. Cya later...


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