[Top 10] ARMA 3 Best Weapons (2018-2019)

What Are The Best Weapons In ARMA 3?

1. Cyrus 9.3mm 

The Cyrus is a marksmen rifle that’s really good for medium to long range fighting. It’s pretty deadly, being able to kill in 1-2 hits, typically. You can try this in ARMA 3’s virtual arsenal, where you can try any weapon and vehicle in the game. 

2. GM6 Lynx 12.7mm 

This is a sniper that can be used for really long-range shooting, and has the ability to damage cars, light tanks, aircraft, and can kill soldiers in 1 hit. 

 3. MK18 ABR 7.62mm 

The ABR is another marksmen rifle, but is lighter and easier to use for close range fighting compared to the other marksmen rifles. 

 4. MX 3GL 6.5mm 

The 3GL is an assault rifle fitted with a grenade launcher, perfect for getting easy explosive kills at a long range. 

5.  MXC 6.5mm 

The MXC is a compact carbine, which makes it perfect for close range fighting due to its light construction. This is one of the best close range guns in ARMA 3.

6.  ASP-1 KIR 12.7mm 

This is a very lethal marksman rifle, which is semi-auto, and usually kills in 1-2 shots.  

7. MK20 5.56mm 

The MK20 is an assault rifle, like many others, but what makes this one special is its super-fast fire rate, and the fact that it has very low recoil (if shot with semi-auto), making it easy to control. Since this gun is a lower caliber than all the other weapons listed on here, it won't do as much damage, but the fire rate, and low recoil make it worth it. 

8. Navid 9.3mm 

This beast of a weapon is basically a light machine gun. It's not only very deadly, boasting a high damage, but it wields a very large magazine which contains 150 rounds, or simply put, 150 shots, with an insanely high fire rate.

9. TRG-20 5.56mm 

The TRG is an all-around good assault rifle, containing 30 shots, with decent damage. What really makes it great though is its low recoil and easy stability. This is a good choice for new players. 

10. Katiba Carbine 6.5mm 

The Katiba is yet another rifle, but this rifle, in particular, boasts a ridiculously high fire rate and pretty good damage. 

There’s our list for the best ARMA 3 weapons! Make sure to check all these out in the virtual arsenal.

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