[Top 10] ARMA 3 Best Servers For USA

10. CodeFourGaming – King Of The Hill  

Link to their site here

This is a server for the popular game mode in ARMA 3, King of The Hill. Basically, 3 teams fight for control over one area and must stay inside the area to win. Because the action is so focused in one area, it is super-fast paced, intense, and honestly just a whole lot of fun. The team with the most people inside the zone earns points, which contributes to their victory. The first team to 100 points will win the match. 

9. Volition Servers Invade & Annex 

Link to Volition servers site here 

Invade and Annex servers put you in an awesome co-op multiplayer experience with a ton of other players (Sometimes up to 80 or more). This mode is pretty cool, essentially, it’s you (players) vs bots, and the main goal of the game mode is to fight for control over the entire map by taking entire cities and towns.  

8. Olympus #2 Altis Life  

Link to site here..

This is a roleplay game mode where you can either play as a police officer or citizen. 

7. Official ARMA 3 Servers 

Link to the developer’s official site

This isn’t one particular server specifically, but rather, a whole bunch of them. The servers with “OFFICIAL” in their name means that they’re being hosted by the actual developers of ARMA 3, pretty cool huh? The official servers are some of the best in the game, mainly because of the game modes and great performance. 


Link to AWG site here..

In Dayz Exile servers, you the player, must scavenge for loot around the country, whether that is food, water, equipment, vehicles, and weapons, in order to survive against both zombies and players. The stakes are high, if you die, you will lose everything you have, and must restart with a whole new life. 

5. TRC Patrol Ops  

Link to their site.

In patrol ops, you cooperate with other players in order to fight and win against enemy AI/bots.  

4.  Hostile Takeover Servers 

Link to Hostile Takeover. 

This is another king of the hill server. Like previously mentioned, 3 sides fight for control over one area to win. 

3.  The Trailer Park Wasteland 

Check out their site here... 

Wasteland servers are essentially a huge team deathmatch with a ton of players. 3 sides must scavenge for resources, and fight each other to gain the advantage.  

2. Infinity Exile 

Check out their site here. 

In Infinity Exile, you’re a convict sent into exile as punishment. The problem is though, many other convicts are also given this punishment, and you’re now isolated by yourself in a barren wasteland, with no choice but to survive. In other words, it’s a free for all where you must search for weapons and supplies to survive. 

1. The Darkside Life Combat Roleplay 

Check out their site here. 

This is basically another life server, where you play a citizen in the city, but in this, you can build bases.  

So, there you have it, go out and try these servers, see how you like them! 

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