[Top 10] ARMA 3 Best Maps That Are Fun

ARMA 3 Best Maps
A shot from Tanoa, out of the jungles!


Arma 3 is an amazing realistic game that can be integrated with thousands of weapons, vehicles and equipment, giving you variety. But another important factor is the maps, terrain. Immersion does not only come from the mechanics and effects; but also your surroundings, buildings, hills, coasts and so on. In this list, we will be sharing the best 10 maps that are fun or will amaze you with their visuals.

The list will not include maps that come from full mod packs. These mods are only maps.

So here is the list:


10. Pecher

Pecher Map Spotlight

Pecher is a post-apocalyptic map with 3 variations. It has a new, old and winter version. 

There is not much info on this mod, it has many ruined buildings, rocky hills and tons of dead trees. It definitely looks like a dead world that has seen a nuclear explosion.

Pecher would make a perfect map for survival or zombie modes. So if you're interested in these types of modes this is a map you should try.  

Get the map here:



9. Ruha

The scenery of Ruha in a plane

Ruha is an 8km² map with different environments, such as swamps, hills, forests and more. It is a great map for medium range combat with lots of covers available. As you will notice, it is a small map, good for creating small and fast missions with potential large action.

Ruha is created based on a location in Finland but is heavily modified. The map itself reminds me of a map from Company Of Heroes with a railroad cutting the map into 2. If you are interested in fighting on foot or in transport vehicles or creating a single battle scenario, this map is perfect for you.

Get the map here:




A Vietnam Operation on PHSPKL

RHSPKL is a map created by Red Hammer Studios and has a size of 8km². It is the map of Prei Khmaoch Luong.

Prei Khmaoch Luong is a tiny province in the middle of the South-East Asian peninsula. Situated right on the borders between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, it has seen a fair share of armed conflicts.

With that being said, it has a dense jungle and a wide river going through the map, allowing the locals to use the river for transportation and movement. 

It is a Vietnam map with its large and dense tree areas; or open rice fields that have no cover. You can relive the Vietnam war, or create some spec ops on this map. Give it a try.

Get the map here:



7. Fapovo Island

Presentation of Fapovo

Fapovo is a map divided into 2 regions; one is Fapovo on the SW, other is Botana on the NE. The map size is 100km² and consists of many towns and checkpoints.

Fapovo is a green, lush country full of rivers and high peaks. But there is also a desolate place on the North where bio-weapon test mishap destroyed foliage and poisoned the soil in a range of a mile radius.

This is a great map with a huge immersive feeling, good for many types of game modes, such as survival, roleplay, domination and a few more. If you like large maps, you should try this.

Get the map here:



6. New York City, USA

New York City Teaser

Ever wanted to wander around New York? Now you have the chance to do this in Arma 3.

This map is a recreation of Governor's Island, Liberty Island, lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. As the buildings and streets are not highly customized, the assets do not look too much like the real map, but still gives a general idea of what it would look like.

This map is quite cool and would be perfect for an apocalyptic or zombie world. Fly around the map to see the docks, Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Get the map here:



5. Elaine County V1.0

Welcome to Elaine County. The county in your dreams.

Elaine County is a 25km² map designed for roleplaying. On this huge map, you have hundreds of luxurious buildings, beaches, apartments, social areas and long, large roads. The visuals and design of the map are amazing!

So if you are interested in roleplaying on a very detailed map, definitely try this. 

Get the map here:



4. Esseker

Introduction to Esseker, the post-apocalyptic world.

Some parts are similar to the Fapovo Island, Esseker is a 169km² map, 1.5 times bigger than Fapovo. It has huge hills, large rivers and many towns. This map is perfect for a survival multiplayer game.

The creator has currently used more than 1.480.000 objects to make the map as realistic and immersive as possible. But there is a small issue, since the mod uses so many different objects, you are required to download other mods to be able to play on this map. You can see the list of required mods in the description in the download link below.

With the largeness and the time and effort spent on this map, you should have this map or at least try it to see the beauty of the land.

Get the map here:



3. Kerama Islands By [Vétérans]

Spotlight of Kerama Islands

Kerama is a 22km² area which consists of 5 islands, of which 3 are connected to each other with bridges.

It is a great map for domination, island by island. You can insert via air, sea or land. There is an underground submarine base as well, good for CQC. There are lots of interesting landmarks waiting to be discovered.

I love the idea of multiple islands connected to each other, giving you a larger variety for movement, and honestly, the map looks cool.

Get the map here:



2. Australia

Detailed overview of Australia.

Australia is a huge map with a 40km² size and is using the real shape of Australia. Although the cities are not exactly real cities, the map gives you an idea of what the country looks like and what type of terrain you would see in real life. 

It is impressive to see how much time and effort the creator has put into the map. The map uses custom buildings and I do not know how it would affect the AI. But it looks very good for roleplay and you should at least wander around on the map to get a feeling.

This mod requires a DLC: Arma 3 Apex.

Get the map here:




Showcase of Vidda

Vidda, one of the best maps I have seen. The details on the bases and open terrain is unbelievable. There is even a secret on this map; bunkers, scattered around the map waiting to be found. 

I cannot explain how amazing the valleys and the snowy hills are. I just love everything on this map. You can operate from the huge airbase or you can drive through the long and wide roads on the map.

The only way of understanding my excitement about this map is to test it yourself. So go ahead and try it.

Get the map here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282716647

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