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Adventure Games Without combat
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9. The Walking Dead Season 1

Walking Dead Season 1 Walkthrough

A comic book, tv show, and a video game, The Walking Dead has it all. Another game from Telltale, this is an episodic survival game that takes place simultaneously to the other events in Walking Dead. The main story revolves around Lee Everett and Clementine as they desperately search for the girls parents while trying to avoid walkers. Use every tool at your disposal in a bid for survival that will test your will and humanity.

Clementine grows more confident as the game progresses, coming into her own as you teach her survival skills. Your choices help define her up until the very last moments of game.

Protect Clementine from danger in a zombie infested city. Decide who you can trust as you make your way to safety and face new horrors with every turn.

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