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Adventure Games Without combat
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11. The Curse of Monkey Island

The Curse of Monkey Island gameplay

Shipwrecks, zombies, and cursed rings, The Curse of Monkey Island has it all. Guybrush Threepwood wakes up on Plunder Island with no memory of how he got there. Lead Guybrush on his adventure as he searches for his lost love and defeats the villainous zombie pirate LeChuck. Great music, storytelling and graphics await in this fun and zany adventure.

An innocent gesture of love turns out create a whole host of problems when Guybrush gives his love an enchanted ring. Save her while running from a horde of zombie pirates who are out to get you!

Face your foe at last! The evil LeChuck is a master swordsman, so you’ll have to hone your skills if you wish to defeat him and finally head home.

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