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5. Bangalore (offensive) This is how the rank #1 bangalore wins... Read More
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What Games are similar to Knives Out? Enjoy shooting? Love Battle... Read More
Best PS5 Looter Shooters
15. Marvel’s Avengers (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS5... Read More
Apex Legends Dev-Team Announces Quick Fixes for Season 12 Bugs
The release of Apex Legends Season 12 came with a significant amount... Read More
First-person shooters are known for allowing you to see through the... Read More
Apex Legends End-of-Year Sale Goes Live With A 75% Sitewide Discount
Apex Legends has announced that its end-of-year holiday sale is now... Read More
Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Starts Tomorrow - Is It Worth It?
The pirate-themed Apex Legends ‘Raiders’ collection event starts... Read More
Apex Legends Season 11: Escape Has Dropped!
Apex Legends Season 11 is finally here, with an 18Gb update on Origin... Read More
Apex Legends Most Kills In One Game
10. Watch ShivFPS get 27 kills! ShivFPS queues in as a... Read More
Apex Legends Most Damage In One Game
5. Player: CrazyRatchet CrazyRatchet introduces the... Read More
Most Expensive Apex Legends skins
15. Bangalore’s Outland Warrior   Bangalore’s Outland... Read More
Apex Legends Best Ultimates
Apex Legends has skyrocketed in popularity since its 2019 release and... Read More
Apex Legends Announces Global Series Week 3 Standings
The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Pro League Regular Season Split... Read More
Apex Legends Most Used Legends
With ten seasons and eighteen legends available, Apex Legends is one... Read More
Haunt King’s Canyon After Dark As a Monster in Apex Legends Shadow Royale!
Apex Legends Shadow Royale is back for another round of spooky... Read More
Apex Legends Storm Point Gameplay Trailer is Here!
The Apex Legends Escape gameplay trailer premiered at 5:00 PM EST and... Read More
Apex Legends Has Teased the Season 11 Map With Some Bone-Chilling Footage…
Apex Legends has released 2 clips taken on the Season 11 Map. It... Read More
Apex Legends Reveals the Face Behind Ash's Voice
With the recent release of the ‘Ashes to Ash’ Story from the Outlands... Read More
Apex Legends Releases Latest Story from the Outlands: 'Ashes to Ash'
Apex Legends has released the latest segment of the ‘Stories from the... Read More
Apex Legends Global Series Year 2
The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) is back for year 2, with a... Read More
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5. Caustic & Wattson    Caustic, the king of door... Read More
Gibraltar, apex legends, legends, 2021, FPS, battle royale
10. Darkside What makes Darkside awesome? Day of The Dead... Read More
pathfinder skins, apex legends, pathfinder, battle royale, best skins
10. Warpath Cyberpunk blended with a pharaoh. What makes... Read More
Apex Legends Best Wraith Skins
10. Phasewalker Space-suit sci-fi style awesomeness. What... Read More
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