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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review and Gameplay
The epic conclusion to The Witcher trilogy


With the open world, they needed to add mounts. In this case, horses. Sorry guys, you won't be mounting any griffins here. However, I've never found horses as valuable or practical in a game up until now. I know there's open world games out there that add any mounts in just so they'd be there, supposedly to speed up travel. Then they add a fast travel system by clicking across the map, thus rendering horses utterly pointless.

Your trusty steed, with Hairworks. 

Witcher 3 combines the two splendidly! Mounting and dismounting Roche (more bad images...), is quick and the riding (oh god!) handles like a dream. You don't ever feel like using a horse is slowing you down. In fact, since there's a lot of empty space between points of interest, there's a real point to using the horse, even with the fast travel system. You see, CD Projekt had the brilliant idea of restricting fast travel by making it usable only from signposts, which mark major points on the map (like villages or crossroads). So, if for nothing else, you'll be using your mount to reach these posts after an adventure in the distant wilderness.

You also get more traveling options via boat. Since a horse can't swim across water, you are given boats to traverse the rivers. No surprise, their navigation is also perfectly smooth, even with the water-bobbing. Did I mention that the boat bobs with the water? You have to set the water quality in your graphics options to "High" for this to work. Believe me, you'll want to, otherwise it looks completely ridiculous.

Steer, steer, steer your boat, gently to the town...

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