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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review and Gameplay
The epic conclusion to The Witcher trilogy


A forgotten lover, a current lover...Geralt, how do you do it?

Let's start with our Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, White Wolf (or "Gwynbleidd" in Elvish), Butcher of Blaviken, Ravix of Fourhorn. A lot of titles for one man. As far as main characters go, I must admit he's one of my favorites to play as. Rarely does a video game make such an amazing character that I fully adopt the role. Plus, now we get his trusty steed - Roach! No, not that Roche, this is another Roach. The horse riding tutorial inspired some very nasty images...

Geralt is much older now, but looks even more dangerous and awesome than ever. Though I always thought he looked awesome, I did have issues with his appearance in the second game. I'm not sure exactly why, but in Witcher 2 he wasn't aesthetically quite right. Maybe it was the hair or his facial design? Whatever it was, they cleared it up, but introduced a different flaw. The armor looks horrible. Horrible isn't even the right word for it.

I accept that armor doesn't need to be stylish (this isn't  Final Fantasy after all), but at least it shouldn't make Geralt look like the Clown of Kaedwen. Lack of fashion taste aside, most of the armor you can craft actually makes him look fat. I have no idea why. It's not a question of design, since some armor sets do complement his figure, but the majority seem to except him to gain weight in his adventures. It's not like he found the armor either, the smith crafted it for him. Shouldn't his measurements have been taken into consideration? None of the other characters seem to have this problem.

On a totally opposite note - the Wild Hunt is every bit as fearsome as one would expect. I remember the wraith-like quality they had in the first game, but this is completely different. Now they're physical and real and their armor blows Geralt's ridiculous attire out of the water! Just look at that battle gear! Even their voices have been stylized to chill. That's what I call a proper villain.

Meet your foes. Scary looking bunch, eh?

Finally, since no one really cares about all the would-be emperors, barons, kings etc. let's get to the females. We all know that one of the main points of controversy in the Witcher games is their portrayal of graphic nudity and sex. You'll be glad to know that despite any protests, CD Projekt kept the sexual content in their third game too. There are plenty of gorgeous, curvaceous, women to choose from. Yennefer of course, whom you'll meet very early on, Triss is back too, as well as other faces you may or may not be familiar with. Fret not, your bed will not be empty.  

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