The Reason Mutants Were Almost Extinct In Logan

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The X-Men As We Know And Love Them

When Our Childhood Heroes Aren't There Anymore

It's sad to see that there are no mutants left from the original X-Men besides a seriously ill Charles Xavier and a dying Wolverine.

In the movie we get some pretty sly clues as to what has happened to the other mutants. While Charles is senile most of the time, barely remembering who Wolverine is, he doesn't give much information on the matter to start with as we can guess he doesn't remember. No fear, though.

The truth has been released and we can work out exactly what happened by disecting the lines in the movie. When watching the movie and trying to piece together the seemingly delusional words of Charles, they actually make sense.

Logan makes sure to make no remark towards the other mutants besides a few lines including, 'They're gone now.' It seems that Wolverine could have accidentally killed all the other mutants, and in regard to the comic books, that would be correct. However, in the movie it's more likely that he's hiding the truth from Charles because he is ultimately the cause of their deaths. 

What Happened To The Other Mutants?

Charles' Face Has Never Changed Over The Years.

The movie Logan is loosely based off of the comic titled Old Man Logan, where in a flashback it features Logan defending the X-Mansion from an attack.

While he couldn't find out where his teammates were, he destroys the entire school only to find out that the attack was an illusion made by the villian Mysterio.

The movie has a different demise for the School for Gifted Youngsters however. The movie leads towards Charles himself being the culprit, not on purpose though, might I add. Throughout the movie, most vividly in the casino where they hide out, we see Charles' seizures paralyzing everyone in his vicinity. 

How Did Charles Kill His Students? 

No Matter What He's Done, Logan Will Always Look After Charles As Charles Looked After Logan. 

After this bout of a seizure, a report on the radio in the car mentions a similar incident that happened in Westchester, which is where the school used to be, and stated that the incident had killed many people, including mutants - if you didn't hear that part in the movie, now you know.

We're not entirely sure if it's Charles' dying mind or something that brought the seizures on but either way, Charles Xavier killed his students; a very sad ending to beloved characters. Logan clearly tries to ignore this fact by hiding it from Charles but at one point in the movie, Charles becomes lucid and overwhelmed by the realization of what he's done saying, 'I did something... something unspeakable. I remember what happened in Westchester. Until today, I didn't know.' We see the sadness in Charles' eyes as well as him understanding Logan and why he is the person he is. 

Why Did Wolverine Survive?

Charles' Brain Power Showing Off What It Can Do.

While the rest of the mutants die, many still question why Wolverine is still alive. For some of us the answer is simple but for others, let's do a quick recap. Keep in mind that Wolverine's bones are fused with adamantium and therefore Charles was never able to access his mind, this is also why Magneto, also known as Eric, wore a metal helmet in order to be protected against Charles' powers.

We also see in the casino scene of Logan that Laura and Logan are both able to move. not completely but just enough to combat the force from Charles' mind. Therefore when Charles killed his students, Logan would have survived. 

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