[Top 5] Marvel Strike Force Best X-Men Teams

Marvel Strike Force Best X-Men Teams
Marvel Strike Force Best X-Men Teams

[Top 5] Marvel Strike Force Best X-Men Teams

Even if you’re not very familiar with Marvel, you’ve probably still heard of X-Men. This unique group of individuals are considered mutants with special powers. In Marvel Strike Fore (MSF), there are plenty of X-Men characters to choose from and power up. When choosing which characters to invest your precious resources into, you’ll need to consider where they  will be most useful and their overall utility.


5. Astonishing X-Men: Beast + Bishop + Iceman + Kitty Pryde + Jubilee

The Astonishing X-Men don't quite astonish everyone, but can be formidable in the right situation.

To be honest, determining the No. 5 X-Men was difficult because the earlier teams are pretty outdated or have departed their original squad for a newer, better version. From the squads that are still intact, I decided to go with the Astonishing X-Men due to their raid benefits. 

Astonishing X-Men Strengths

  • Raids - As I mentioned, this team sees an ability increase in raids. If you bulk them up enough, they may be able to do some damage in the newer raids. Otherwise, they’re great for lower and Greek tier raids.
  • Cosmic Crucible - From time to time, I’ll throw this team in as defense in Cosmic Crucible if the room benefits mutants. The amount of healing this team possesses makes them a little tricky if not using the correct counters.
  • War - While not particularly adept in war, I find myself using them periodically to take out weakened or lower power teams toward the end.

How Astonishing X-Men Works

  • Beast - This will be your main healer. His main goal is to keep your team alive, so protect this character as much as possible. 
  • Bishop - You’ll find most of your damage output here.. With a still relatively high attack stat in comparison to other characters, you’ll find Bishop useful for taking out enemies in a cluster. He also has a passive taunt that allows him to eat hits to protect Beast.
  • Iceman - Freeze the competition!. His main role is to slow down enemy teams with the possibility of stunning them.
  • Kitty Pryde helps control the battlefield. Her abilities are focused on debuffing the enemies by applying offense down and disrupted.
  • Jubilee gives advantage by manipulating the speed bar. Her passive ability helps everyone on the team by either enhancing or activating their unique abilities. She is also supplies debuffs by utilizing blind or spreading all negative effects on kill.


4. Weapon X: Omega Red + Sabretooth + Wolverine + Lady Deathstrike + Silver Samurai

Weapon X is ready to slice and dice anyone who stand in their way.

An all-around solid composition, the Weapon X team provides its biggest strength in war. Being the first team to apply the trauma debuff, it is still a relevant counter to many teams who rely on cleansing and healing. Omega Red and Silver Samurai also have pretty high defenses and health pools. Each member’s passive ability allows them to heal themselves on their turn, which makes the team sturdy against hard-hitting enemies.

Weapon X Strengths

  • War - War never changes. Oops, wrong game! This team stacks up bleeds and other debuffs, and Omega Red makes sure they can’t be cleared. This team was the original counter to Heroes For Hire by making Iron Fist virtually useless. Each member also receives ability buffs on war offense.
  • Cosmic Crucible - As previously mentioned, this team is focused on stacking debuffs. When facing teams such as Black Order, these debuffs come in handy. 
  • Raids - Even though they’re a little on the slow side, they work decently in raids to clean up nodes. 

How Weapon X Works

  • Omega Red - He is your anchor. His high damage output coupled with his passive ability that keeps him and your team alive makes him an invaluable member of Weapon X.
  • Sabretooth - Claw your way through enemy teams while applying debuffs. He is going to help apply debuffs to multiple allies through rebound chains and adjacent targeting abilities.
  • Wolverine - Make your enemies bleed. Each of his abilities apply multiple bleeds to its target.
  • Lady Deathstrike - She is another member of the debuff army. Each of her abilities apply bleed to multiple enemies with the added bonus of applying defense down.
  • Silver Samurai - Here is your guardian. His primary function is to keep your team alive by taunting and applying counters, deflects, and barriers. He is a light member of the debuff army by contributing stun, heal block, and bleed.


3. Death Seed: Magneto + Archangel + Dark Beast + Nemesis + Psylocke

Death is waiting for those who dare challenge.

Somewhat outdated as a mutant raid team, Death Seed still serves its purpose in lower-tier raids and can be a decent backup for mutant incursion raids. Their synergy makes them viable in war as well and can oftentimes put up a fight in Cosmic Crucible.

Death Seed Strengths

  • Raids - Death Seed was designed as a raid team, and thus their abilities are enhanced in raids. 
  • Cosmic Crucible - This team has a high damage output and decent sustain which can clear out slower teams with ease.
  • War - Again, their high damage output makes them suitable for taking out slower teams. I often use this team to match or punch down on a Young Avenger defense.

How Death Seed Works

  • Magneto - He is your controller. His passive grants buffs to health, focus, and resistances. In raids, he increases the speed bar for himself and all allies on spawn, which makes the team attack quicker. His ultimate attack uses gravity to pull all enemies together to make adjacent attacks more effective.
  • Archangel - Archangel is your bruiser. His insanely high damage output makes him a lock on this team. On top of his damage, he generates energy for allies on enemy death while also reducing speed bar for enemies. Any team that summons minions or creates clones are in peril against this toon. Not to mention he can steal buffs from enemies and cleanse also.
  • Dark Beast -He keeps your team alive. In raids, he assists any time an ally attacks and applies an absurd amount of buffs and buff enhancements to your team while crippling enemies. Arguably the best part of Dark Beast’s kit is the ability to revive a fallen ally. 
  • Nemesis - He is another big damage dealer. Not only do all of his attacks hit multiple enemies, they also siphon health from them which bypasses heal block. His passive also increases the overall damage of allies making everyone hit a little bit harder.
  • Psylocke is the final member rounding out this team. Her passive is nice since it will apply evade, counter, and deflect if any ally drops below 50% health. Her ultimate ability transfers all negative effects from allies to the primary target as long as all allies are Death Seed. Other than that, she can apply a few debuffs and clear buffs on enemies but is otherwise replaceable.


2. Unlimited X-Men: Gambit + Rogue + Sunfire + Fantomex + Dazzler

You could say they're more unlimited than Mr. Unlimited himself (Russell Wilson).

Still relevant as an X-Men team, the Unlimited X-Men hold their own since they have Rogue, a member of the Four Horsemen.. The most common use for the team is in Cosmic Crucible (CC) since their abilities get buffed. I regularly use them to attack mid-level teams in CC.

Unlimited X-Men Strengths

  • Cosmic Crucible - With abilities that activate only in CC, this team allows you to wipe out enemy defenses but can be useful on defense as well.
  • War - With heavy debuffs and multiple area of effect attacks (AOE) present throughout the team, it makes them a tough group to overcome.
  • Raids - While all of their abilities do not directly apply to raids, they have great sustain with healing, barriers, and taunts. 

How Unlimited X-Men Works

  • Rogue - She keeps your team alive while dealing significant damage. She’ll attack first and buff your team with safeguard and defense up.
  • Gambit - Gambit brings your support. His synergy with the team grants increased critical hit chance and damage. He also increases speed bar and applies evade to teammates with low health. Not to mention he counters any attack aimed at your team.
  • Dazzler - Dazzler is the cleanser. She applies blind to enemies while flipping debuffs on your team. Her passive ability gives increased focus which makes it easier to apply debuffs. On top of all of that, she’ll barrier your team to negate some incoming damage. 
  • Sunfire - Here is your second damage dealer. Sunfire keeps the team on fire by applying offense up to himself and his allies while applying defense down to the opposing team with an AOE attack. The team also becomes outfitted with counters to help stifle incoming damage. 
  • Fantomex - This is the most replaceable character. His biggest upside is that he applies evade to the entire team on spawn, but he also buffs armor and increases resistance to bleed. However, all of his attacks only target a single enemy.


1. X-treme X-Men: Sunspot + Cyclops + Gambit + Forge + Nightcrawler

This team is X-tremely good!

The top meta X-Men team by far is the X-treme X-Men. I’ve invested a lot of resources into this team because they are useful in multiple game modes. One of the major benefits is that it reuses two toons from other teams – Cyclops and Gambit. Each of these characters is essential to making this team work like a well-oiled machine.

X-treme X-Men Strengths

  • Raids - Designed for Incursion raids, toons on this team have abilities that only activate in raids and work particularly well against enemies that appear in Incursion. 
  • Cosmic Crucible - With energy generation, debuffs, and speed boosts, this team attacks quickly and can eliminate many of the teams before they have an opportunity to move.
  • War - Similar to CC, this team can attack quickly which means it can take out defenses in a flash.
  • Plug-and-Play - Gambit and Nightcrawler make excellent plug-and-play characters due to their unique abilities. Gambit has great sustain and a passive that will allow him to damage an enemy each time they attack. Nightcrawler possesses abilities to increase his speed bar and debuffs that can stunt an enemy team. 

MHow X-treme X-men Works

  • Sunspot - Sunspot is your powerplant. He will spend his time generating energy for your team to negate cooldown times and keep your squad hitting hard the whole fight.
  • Nightcrawler - He makes the competition unable to strike. With his high speed bar, he attacks early to apply debuffs such as stun and ability block.
  • With one of the highest health pools in the game, Gambit is difficult to get through. He can be a bruiser, but his passive ability really makes him worth it. He counterattacks any enemy that attacks your team and will apply stealth to himself when health is low. 
  • Forge - Forge is your savior. He is a healer that also has the ability to cleanse and revive your team while applying buffs to your entire squad.
  • Cyclops - He is probably your weakest link. Cyclops is portrayed as your damage dealer, but, outside of raids, his damage isn’t the greatest. His ultimate ability is going to be your favorite because it hits all enemies and clears revive once. Just make sure to avoid having him take damage if possible because he’s pretty squishy.


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