How Does an Adamantium Bullet Kill Wolverine?

The Famous Adamantium Bullet That Put Wolverine Down

What Makes Adamantium So Special That It Can Kill the Indestructible? 

Many people know, or think they know that an adamantium bullet can kill Wolverine - which is true when it comes to the comic books. However, certain things conflict each other when it comes to the comic books and the movies and we need to divulge the happenings in each to really figure out where the two universes meet. 

For example, adamantium cannot damage adamantium like during the fight of Wolverine and Sabretooth. When Wolverine’s claws hit Sabretooth’s adamantium, the two don’t damage each other at all, not even a scratch. Yes, the adamantium bullet would be able to go through Logan’s skin but his skull is a different story. This theory is confusing when we go back to one of the first X-Men movies. 

What Is Wolverine? 

As hard as Logan may seem, we all know he's a softy at heart

Wolverine is a mutant whose bones have been fused with adamantium. In X-Men Origins, Wolverine is shot with an adamantium in his head and although he did lose many of his memories, he still survived and the same would happen in the new movie. So this begs the question as to how the adamantium bullet can penetrate Logan’s skull, damaging his brain and causing memory loss.

Obviously, with his skeleton fused to with adamantium, normal bullets are no comparison to the metal he has so they do no damage to him besides his skin. As we see in Logan the movie, Logan carries this famous bullet with him as a reminder of who he once was. He knows that his body is rejecting the adamantium and his regeneration isn’t working as perfectly as it used to; therefore he knows that the bullet will kill him if he chooses to let that be his fate. 

Can An Adamantium Bullet Kill Wolverine?

The ever famous moment we all thought Wolverine was dead

While the bullet that originally shoots Logan in the head which erases his memory is an adamantium bullet, the one featured in the Logan movie is slightly different, it gives fans the same idea and causes a lot of people to be baffled, after all, adamantium cannot be changed in its form so why does the bullet in the movie look more like a hollow point than the bullet pictured at the beginning here? That’s if it is indeed, the same bullet. If not, what bullet is Logan carrying around with him?

Back when Wolverine was first shot with the adamantium bullet, his regeneration powers were perfect in every sense which is why he survived, even though losing memories. The bullet penetrated his brain but obviously during healing, new cells grew back, ones without the memories he accumulated. 

Why Would He Die From An Adamantium Bullet?

Delirious in his sickness, he still saves Laura's life

In the new Wolverine, Logan’s regeneration powers are clearly not working as fast as they used to and this is why he would die if he – or someone else – shot him with an adamantium bullet. His regeneration would not be able to create the cells fast enough to save Logan’s life. 

While many theories get thrown back and forth, it gives us an idea of how much work Stan Lee, Roy Thomas (editor-in-chief of Marvel) and Len Wein (writer) put into this character and how much we still need to learn about him. He may be dead but his theory lives on, along with the many theories on Laura like how she will be able to grow with adamantium. 

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