Battlefield Answers the 2042 Community's Most Pressing Questions

Battlefield Answers the 2042 Community's Most Pressing Questions
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Battlefield has taken the time to answer a number of the Battlefield 2042 community’s most pressing questions about the game and its future.

On 7 December 2021 at 1:07 PM CET, Battlefield retweeted a thread by ‘Battlefield Direct Communication’ containing 10 questions and answers about the game.

Using a riot shield effectively. Image by Battlefield 2042.

The questions and answers as stated in the official thread by ‘Battlefield Direct Communication’ are as follows:

1. Question: “Can you earn XP in Battlefield Portal?”

Answer: “All of our featured modes work the same as CQ and BT in All-Out Warfare, earning XP at the full rates, unlocking new weapons, ribbons, and attachments, and progression for your Mastery. Custom Experiences work differently.”

2. Question: “What is a featured mode?”

Answer: “This is what you see when you first enter #Battlefield Portal, and are a mix of officially authored experiences (such as Rush), and highlighted Community Created experiences that we’re providing full matchmaking for (such as Snipers & Knives by Stodeh)”

3. Question: “How about XP in Custom Experiences?”

Answer: “XP can be earned on Community Created experiences. With this, you will level up, unlock new gadgets, vehicles, and weapons. We re-enabled this following careful and close study and have proper safeguards to keep things fair and fun for all.”

Collecting data drives in Hazard Zone. Image by Battlefield 2042.

4. Question: “Do I earn less XP playing Custom?”

Answer: “XP is capped per minute, with that cap resetting once per minute. If you trigger the cap, it doesn't impede you from earning XP after that trigger. Modes designed to be played normally largely reward the same XP overall as you would get in CQ or BT.”

5. Question: “Why do you cap XP in Custom Experiences?”

Answer: “We want Battlefield Portal to encourage players to build creative experiences that are fun to play. Without caps in place, farming servers end up saturating the Server Browser with valueless experiences, and we want to discourage that.”

6. Question: “Do I still receive ribbons and End of Round performance in Custom Experiences?”

Answer: “Ribbons are not presently available in Custom. Match Completion and Victory Bonuses are awarded at the same values as other modes and make up for the largest percentage of XP earned across the game”

7. Question: “Can I earn progress towards Mastery in Custom?”

Answer: “Not presently. Mastery rewards are designed to be showcases for the committed, and until we’ve determined if we’re able to establish further safeguards, we won’t change that. Mastery is earnable in official Portal experiences.”

The infamous Bolte. Image by Battlefield 2042.

8. Question: “Are Weapon Attachments considered part of Mastery?”

Answer: “They are. Presently these will only unlock in All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone, and official Portal experiences.”

9. Question: “Do you adjust the XP caps?”

Answer: “We do. This past week we raised the caps, and as more diverse custom experiences start to fill the server browser, we’ll monitor and make favorable adjustments where we can.”

10. Question: “Why are you against farming servers?”

Answer: “It’s not fun, and farming servers prevent established communities from hosting fun events, and folks from running experiences that better reflect the experiences they want to have. They’re dull and exploitative, and we don’t want them.”

This answers some of the community’s most pressing questions just in time as Battlefield 2042 prepares for the release of Update 3.1.

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