Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks Are There To Help the Noobs Unlose Their Way Around the Game

Battlefield 2042 Tips and Tricks Are There To Help the Noobs Unlose Their Way Around the Game
Specialists have unique roles and abilities in Battlefield 2042.

To the brand new rookie, Battlefield 2042 can be a bit of a haywire experience. 

With no idea where to go or what to do and 64 different people shooting at you at the same time, it can get a little irritating. But not to worry! Battlefield 2042 has tips and techniques written with the sole purpose of giving new players an idea of what the heck is going on and what they should probably try doing.

Vehicles play an integral role in Battlefield 2042. Image by Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield has five primary suggestions for the new and untested. 

  • Know your role on the battlefield.
  • Understand the specialists’ roles and abilities.
  • Not be the clown who thinks breakthrough is the same as conquest.
  • Understand the XP reward system.
  • Figure out how to customize your player character and card so that you look better than you actually are… intimidation factor and all that.

A quick summary explanation of these 5 points may help to guide you through your first few days on the battlefield.

Firstly, your role on the battlefield will be determined in part by the class of specialists you pick.

You might pick Assault, Recon, Support, or Engineer. Assault characters are best used for aggressive pushes and flanks, while recon is great for spotting enemies, and support characters help to keep the fight going by resupplying and healing teammates. Engineers are great for building defenses and playing defensive positions.

Each specialist has unique abilities that make them highly effective for specific playstyles. For instance, Sundance’s wingsuit ability makes it possible to pull off insane flanks by rapidly repositioning and dropping spawn beacons for the rest of your squad.

Things getting hot on 'Discarded'. Image by Battlefield 2042.

Thirdly, in Conquest, players must capture and hold neutral objectives, while in Breakthrough and offensive team must push the defensive team out of objectives, capturing sectors as they go and pushing the defensive team back, or, alternatively, being obliterated by well dug-in defensive forces that cling to their positions like limpets to a rock.

XP is awarded for actions completed in battle, including combat actions such as kills, support actions such as revives, recon, defense, etc.

Customizing player cards and characters can be done through the ‘Collection’ tab in the main menu and following the labeled tabs to different categories such as player cards, weapons, and specialists, and equipping new badges and skins as they are unlocked.

Although Battlefield 2042 may initially be a bit confusing, once these 5 aspects of the game are understood and mastered the game makes much more sense and can be played more objectively and effectively.

The full tips and tricks are available on the official Battlefield 2042 blog.

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