All New Mode Coming to Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone
Time to risk it for a biscuit!

With the release of Battlefield 2042 rapidly approaching, Battlefield has announced a brand new game mode for Battlefield 2042 called Hazard Zone.

Hazard Zone is a mode unlike anything ever seen before in the Battlefield series. Players play with their squad as an Elite Task Force to infiltrate the Hazard Zone in search of downed satellite capsules containing highly valuable data drives. Each squad consists of 4 specialists.

Squads will be required to battle enemy teams and AI for data drives while dodging a deadly hail of falling satellite capsules and simultaneously fighting for survival in an ever-growing, increasingly violent storm.

Hazard Zone consists of 4 primary phases:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Infiltration
  • Retrieval
  • Extraction

During the preparatory phase, players examine a map overview of the zone to determine high capsule density areas, enemy hotspots, and Uplink locations. (Uplinks are used to call in vehicles and supplies)

Players select their specialists and have the opportunity to buy weapons, attachments, and supplies with Dark Market Coins. Each specialist comes with a free base loadout, you know, for the broke guys!

The infiltration phase requires squads to scan and locate satellite capsules while avoiding deadly obstacles, fighting the AI’s protecting the satellite drives, and keeping in mind that if you die, you ain’t coming back. Most of the time anyway!

The next phase is the retrieval phase. More capsules will drop containing more drives. The question is, are the rewards worth the increased risk of going after them? The storm will be growing rapidly, set to engulf the entire zone by the end of the match, along with any poor souls who failed to extract on time.

Finally comes extraction. The first extraction window opens shortly after infiltration. Once the Extraction Zone is determined the clock starts ticking. Too slow and bam, players will be stuck in the Hazard Zone until the final extraction window.

Once the first extraction window closes the zone does its utmost to obliterate any remaining players, amping up the nastiness as far as it can.

The squads that make it to the second extraction window will be forced to battle it out for a seat on the final ride out before the storm completely obliterates any living being in the zone.

The new mode adds a fresh twist to Battlefield. Whether the Battlefield community digs it or not, only time will tell.

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