Battlefield 2042 Reveals "Discarded" Early Access Date

Battlefield 2042 Reveals "Discarded" Early Access Date
Watch those corners...

Battlefield 2042 has revealed yet another new map coming to Battlefield 2042, called ‘Discarded’. 

As the name suggests, the map is the definition of something that has been thrown away, with a ruined village that is half-flooded, and a massive ship with shipping containers and rubble scattered across the map.

Broken up ship. Image by Battlefield 2042.

The massive ship is stranded on land with only a little bit of water around it, and a ton of muddy sand. The ship sports a red hull and white bridge.

The bridge provides an excellent holding position, especially for snipers, as it offers a wide view of the surrounding land as well as the rest of the ship. However, the stairwells and narrow passages in the bridge make for excellent ambush sites and should be approached with caution.

Inside the heart of the ship is a giant engine room, with massive motors and machinery to use as cover and fight around. The hold of the ship is a maze of catwalks, ladders, passages, and makes for close-quarter-combat hell. 

There are a bunch of shipping containers and other rubble littered all over the map, especially around the massive ship, which is falling apart.

Another key location on this map is the flooded village, which is a maze of muddy roads that are perfect for throwing drifts in tanks and armored vehicles. There are a lot of corners to watch in the village, as enemy players can be hidden behind any of them. 

There is also plenty of greenery, with bushes and trees providing cover and camouflage.

‘Discarded’ is set in India and will become available to play in Early Access on 12 November 2021.

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