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Batman Arkham Knight: 5 Interesting Things You Must Know
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5. The Arkham Knight

The Arkham Knight is a brand new villain to the Batman mythos. He wears a suit of armor similar to Batman’s and has been shown wielding two pistols as his weapon of choice. In recent trailers, the Arkham Knight has been showing mocking Batman and wanting vengeance on him for some reason. He has also been shown to possess a strange amount of knowledge regarding Batman’s armor and tactics. Fans have speculated that this person is former-Robin Jason Todd, also known as the Red Hood. Although, a Red Hood DLC has been announced for Gamestop pre-orders, it could be that those DLC story missions will act as an origin story to how the Red Hood becomes the Arkham Knight.

In fact, that theory would also explain why the Arkham Knight’s army of mercenaries all have a consistent theme of red (some of them even wear red hoods).

In this writer’s opinion, it would make sense for Jason to return to Gotham City, unite all of Batman’s enemies in one place so he can kill them all/keep their crimes in check, and then get vengeance on Batman for failing to save him. It would also help explain why Scarecrow would want to empty Gotham City of all its citizens first since Jason still cares about protecting innocent bystanders; he just doesn’t care about the lives of criminals..

While this theory seems completely plausible, the only way to know for sure at this point is to wait patiently for the game’s release.

Could the Arkham Knight be the Red Hood?
The red and white camo makes him look a lot like the Red Hood

So who's excited for Batman: Arkham Knight?

So many questions still remain. Where does the Red Hood factor into the story of Arkham Knight? Who is the Arkham Knight? How will the series end?

More importantly, has Rocksteady Studios given us a fitting end to this brilliant trilogy?

Comment below with your thoughts regarding these questions.

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