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1. Nier Automata

<Nier Automata>

The year is 11945AD, and it’s the 14th Machine War. Humans have deployed their own robot army as they had to flee to the Moon for protection. The female unit is named 2B, and has a mission to kill someone at the a factory. She is accompanied by the male unit named 9S. As they find their target they get ambushed by the enemy named Goliath, who wounds 9S. so unit 2B has a choice, to save the male unit or complete the mission.

9S does survive, only to have even more challenges to await the 2 comrades. The gameplay has multiple weapons like guns and projectiles to choose from, to help the rebel Human army named YoRHa.

9S and 2B are facing off with the drones Adam and his younger brother Eve.

A closeup of the female unit 2B with her Katana.

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