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Must-Play PC Games
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12. Dark Souls II (2014)

Dark Souls II Launch Trailer

If you’re looking for a dark, dark action-RPG with a hint of old-school feel, then Dark Souls II will deliver the right punch. The sequel to the multi-platform hit Dark Souls franchise, its story is not necessarily related to the first game. The game has been praised by critics and gamers for its visual improvement from the previous installment.

You play as an Undead human, known as the “Bearer of the Curse”, afflicted by the degenerative plague that eventually turns an undead into a “hollow” state. The “hollow” state drains all that’s left of being human including the gift of free will. You then travel to Drangleic, rumored to have the answers for curing the plague, in search of ways to avoid the cruel fate of becoming “hollow”.

The Bearer of the Curse. A selfie with a sword never fails to impress.

The plot is quite hard to discern as it’s not directly implied in the narrative, encouraging discussion in the gaming community. The combat is still challenging, even for veterans, which most fans love about the game. The deeper character customization and expanded multiplayer content were also positively welcomed by gamers. But what makes this hack-and-slash game a crowd favorite are the dark and horrific environ, the surreal monsters encountered at every corner, and the epic boss fights that keep you awake at night.

 If you’re prepared to die endlessly, then this is the right pick for you.

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