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Must-Play PC Games
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13. Portal (2007)

Portal trailer

Bundled with Half-Life 2 in The Orange Box, this puzzle shooter took the gaming world by storm. It won several awards for its revolutionary gameplay and heralded as one of the best puzzle games ever created. It also landed in Time magazine’s greatest games of all time, so there should be no question how it landed on our list of must-play PC games.

You play the role of a young woman named Cheli, confined within the Aperture Science complex. After waking up from stasis in a chamber, you hear the voice of GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) giving instructions on the upcoming tests and promising you a reward upon completion. You’re also awarded with a Handheld Portal Device (known as Portal gun) to use in the test chambers. As you complete each chamber, more of GLaDOS’s true motive is unearthed.

To the test chamber. Successfully finishing this will get you closer to the promised reward.

Portal was later followed with Portal 2, which garnered even higher ratings and increased the fan base due to its co-operative multiplayer option. Portal’s dark, straight-faced humor is still unmatched, further increasing the game’s value. If you’re looking for a different twist to shooters which will enhance your problem-solving capacity altogether, this is the game for you.

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