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Must-Play PC Games
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7. Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

Name any perosn you know who gets tired of dragons? Possibly the most sought-after mythical creature, everyone see it as the epitome of grandeur. That’s why the use of the word ‘dragon’ in the title generated much expectation from gamers, deeming it will be epic. Bioware delivered and the game gained several awards as RPG of the year upon its release.

The kingdom of Ferelden, one of the countries in the continent of Thedas, is in a period of civil unrest. But there’s a much more threatening force everyone must face. Every few hundred years, demonic creatures called the darkspawn, invade the surface, ruining everything in their path.

All hope remains on the hands of the legendary order of warriors known as the Grey Wardens. As a warden, it’s your task to gather valiant members to join your party and travel across the continent to secure the allegiance of each and every race and kingdom against the darkspawn invasion called the Blight.

A charging ogre. You think you’re intimidating? Wait until I bash your head in with this shield.

The game retains the classic, old-school RPG formula from Baldur’s Gate, just with much better graphics this time. The game gives player freedom in a lot of ways, like choosing preferred character class and gender. DA: Origins took character development and role-playing a step further by implementing a relationship system: you gain approval from pleased party members, increasing their morale and some attributes; losing approval might influence a party member to permanently leave your group.

Coming from a veteran RPG developer, Bioware presented fans another vast and compelling lore for the Dragon Age saga. Expansions and sequels including DA: Inquisition also received high regards on their release. Overall, it made old-time RPG fans reminisce the genre’s good days and also welcomed newcomers to a world full of interwoven adventures.

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