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Must-Play PC Games
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8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

It’s just sad if you haven’t played this game. Much to the clamor prior to its release, it definitely lived up to its hype, receiving high ratings from critics and gamers alike. It also won several accolades, including the alluring Game of the Year award from almost every gaming website out there. It even eclipsed the sales of the previous installment, Oblivion, in only a matter of days.

Skyrim, a province in the continent of Tamriel, is torn between two factions – the rebel Stormcloaks led by Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak and the military arm of the empire, the Imperial Legion led by General Tullius – and is facing an all-out civil war. The story begins with your character, chained and being carried off to the Imperial execution site, charged of colluding with the rebel forces. A dragon suddenly appears, attacking everyone and destroying the town.

Surviving the attack, you’re tasked to travel to the nearest village and warn them of the incident. Upon arrival, the dragon attacked again but this time, with the help of city guards, you managed to kill it. Moreover, to everyone’s astonishment, you absorbed the soul of the slain dragon, which no one can do except for the one destined as the Dragonborn. With questions swarming your mind, you take the journey to find what it means to be a Dragonborn and the mystery surrounding the return of the long-dead dragons.

Dragon Fight. Nothing’s more epic than getting up close and personal with a dragon.

Its vast, open world style might be overwhelming because there’s so much you can do in the game that you can’t wait to experience them all. The game gives hundreds of hours of gameplay, especially when exploring the tons of sidequests available. One of the improvements fans loved on this installment is the free reign given on character class and skills selection. You can build your hero into a honed stealth specialist, an aggressive warrior, or a deadly spellcaster; it’s all up to your gaming style.

Winning the GOTY award, it shouldn’t be surprising to find it in lists of must-play PC games, not only of the decade, but of all time.

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