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10 Most Played PC Games in 2015
Phantom Assassin from Dota 2

1. League of Legends

The best team game on the market

While it might be true that League of Legends lacks some of the game depth that Dota 2 has, it is still the King of mobas. No other game in the entire industry can compete with the kind of numbers that League is putting out. There are over 10 million players that log in on a daily basis.That is insane!

Among the list of most played PC games, League of Legends probably takes the number 1 spot of all time simply because of how fun it is. The game is very beginner friendly, but doesn’t lose its charm once you’re actually competing in the ranked queues.

League is popular because it is lighthearted, fun, and has awesome skins like this for their champions!

League of Legends came around during a time when mobas were still the flavor of the month. Dota was having massive success and Riot wanted in, and they got in big time! The big difference maker that really helped elevate League of Legends above its competitors was how easy and beginner friendly the game is. There is no denying, no night and day cycle, no steep learning curve. There are several champions in the game designed for new players, and then the player can increase the complexity from there. So the game has both great content for beginners, and great content for professionals. League has everything you could want in a moba, and it manages to cater to both the casual and hardcore gaming communities.

Which of the most popular PC games is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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