10 Hottest Mortal Kombat Female Characters: Page 6 of 6

Showdown for the title of hottest babe in Mortal Kombat!

2. Jade 

An incredible fighter...and a talented pole dancer? (Image by ShizzyZzZzZzART)

Now this is probably no surprise. Jade is Kitana's best friend and sticks with her through thick and thin, but she leaves her in the dust on this list. Though they're both ninja girls, much like Mileena, Jade is a step up, if only because of her dark skin.

Okay let's get real, the chick uses her staff as a pole to celebrate victory! Come on, how hot is that? Also, she somehow manages to have the sexiest body in Mortal Kombat 9, despite all the girls supposedly sharing the same model. Maybe it's the fact that her outfit is cut in all the right places.

1. Skarlet 

She came out of nowhere and completely blew our minds! (Image by The-Combine)

Alright, so she's not really canon. Somehow she ended up in this crazy tournament with so many other characters because of a glitch. I am now very grateful for that glitch. She was given her own character in Mortal Kombat 9 and what a character it is! I don't know why, but somehow that combination of red, her outfit, her hair, eyes, everything sort of works. That curvy character model and revealing outfit actually looks natural on her.

Add to that her very blood-based move set, possibly reminding us of another fiery redhead (Blood Rayne, anyone?). She is just hot, pure and simple. Not trying too hard, not in your face, just pure outright sexy hotness. That's why I vote her the hottest of Mortal Kombat females.  

Tastes vary, especially when it comes to the babes, so let us know yours. Considering the upcoming DLCs for Mortal Kombat X, who might be the new hottest female character? Maybe Sareen, or Frost? Share your thoughts, and maybe links to some toasty(!) images, in the comments.

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alexdaboss29 5 years 9 months ago

Why not Jade be the best one!That's my favorite...

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