MK11 Best Fatalities For Every Character (Ranked Worst to Best)

Best Fatalities For Every Character
A good scream always calms the nerves.

Finish Him! Are the classic words every player has heard throughout the last three decades thanks to Mortal Kombat. With every new game, the fatalities become more elaborate, brutal, and gorier, with Mortal Kombat 11 featuring some of the most innovative finishers to date. This list ranks the best fatalities from every player in the game including DLC characters such as Terminator, Rambo, and Mileena from worst to best. Let’s check out the first name:

37) Liu Kang

Best Fatality: Belly of the Beast

Ah, the MK tournament winner is the first name on the list. Yikes! Here’s the thing, Liu Kang is a strong character to play in MK 11. His classic Fireball and Bicycle Kicks are easy and fun to pull off and the legendary character has some sweet combo moves that make you want to bust out some karate on some poor soul yourself. However, Liu Kang’s fatalities are simply boring. “Burn Out” is just fancy punches and a karate chop of death. “Belly of the Beast'' is a bit better, but it lacks the innovation a lot of the other fatalities have. I guess on a cloudy day, seeing severed limbs chopped into mush can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

36) Sheeva

Best Fatality: Spinal Tap

The Shokan badass made her grand return in-part of the “Aftermath” story of MK 11 and though Sheeva is a solid character to play, her fatalities leave a lot to be desired. “Stomp The Yard” and “Spinal Tap” satisfy our bloodlust, but the overall finishers feel uninspired and worst of all, forgettable.

35) Kotal Khan

Best Fatality: Totem Sacrifice

34) Erron Black

Best Fatality: Death Trap

33) Nightwolf

Best Fatality: Komo-tose

It was nice to see one of the original characters of Mortal Kombat make his return, but Nightwolf’s fatalities leave a lot to be desired. While over-the-top, “War Ritual” doesn’t have that thrill other kills have due to the lack of innovation. “Komo-tose” is a tad better visually, but it’s also a simple and forgettable fatality once all is said and done.

32) Kung Lao

Best Fatality: Meat Slicer

31) Kano

Best Fatality: Save The Last Dance

30) Baraka

Best Fatality: Rock, Paper, Baraka

29) Sub-Zero

Best Fatality: Frozen In Time

28) Kollector

Best Fatality: Head Lantern

27) Jade

Best Fatality: Pole Dance

26) Jax

Best Fatality: Still Got It

25) Cassie Cage

Best Fatality: #GirlPower

24) Skarlet

Best Fatality: Bloody Mess

23) Shao Khan

Best Fatality: Back Blown Out

22) Geras

Best Fatality: Peeling Back

21) Kabal

Best Fatality: Road Rash

20) Noob Saibot

Best Fatality: Double Team

19) Cetrion

Best Fatality: Maintaining Balance

18) Terminator

Best Fatality: Target Terminated

In execution, “Target Terminated” is one the tamest finishers on the roster; however, seeing the war between humans and machines brings back fond memories. The visuals here are top-notch; Everything from the explosions, skeleton bodies, and the terminators themselves are highly detailed with love and care that elevates this basic fatality to being one of the best in MK.

17) Raiden

Best Fatality: Direct Current

16) Mileena

Best Fatality: Violent Delights

15) Shang Tsung

Best Fatality: Kondemned To The Damned

The soul-stealing bastard with the voice of a God (thanks to Mortal Kombat movie veteran Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) makes his grand return and the world of MK couldn’t have been any better for it. “Kondemned To The Damned” is vile but funny as hell; Seeing a perfect skeleton of said victim being dragged to hell is one of the top moments of MK 11 alone.

14) Rain

Best Fatality: Eye-solated

13) Scorpion

Best Fatality: You’re Next

12) Johnny Cage

Best Fatality: Who Hired This Guy

11) Spawn

Best Fatality: Unchained

10) Robocop

Best Fatality: Thank You For Your Cooperation

9) Kitana

Best Fatality: Royal Execution

8) Frost

Best Fatality: Ice Sculpture

7) Fujin

Best Fatality: Wind Blade

6) Jacqui Briggs

Best Fatality: Spider Mines

5) Sonya Blade

Best Fatality: To The Choppa

Blade has been a solid fighter throughout the games, but her signature “kiss of death” finishers were simply boring. However, Blade’s fatalities shifted throughout the years, and “To The Choppa” and “Supply Drop” are the most brutal and gory finishers that Blade has ever done.  Just like Kano, Raiden, or Johnny Cage, the evolution of Sonya Blade gives more context to her bloody maneuvers, but “To The Choppa” contains all the classic traits that make a Mortal Kombat fatality memorable.

4) D’Vorah

Best Fatality: New Species

3) Joker

Best Fatality: Pop Goes The Mortal

2) Sindel

Best Fatality:  Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

1)     Rambo

Best Fatality: Parilla Thrilla

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