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Showdown for the title of hottest babe in Mortal Kombat!

10. D'Vorah

D'Vorah, the bug-babe.

Our first lovely lady hails from Outworld and is of the Kytinn species. She is the first advisor to the current emperor, Kotal Kahn, thanks to playing a key role in helping him reach the throne. That's about all we can say about her without revealing her hidden agenda...whoops, I said too much already.

D'Vorah is the most risqué dressed of all the latest Mortal Kombat females, which earns her some major props. Also, she has a major fanservice scene (the only fanservice scene at all) with another hottie much higher on this list. Her walk and her moves are rather sexualized, but she still loses massive points due to one huge turn off. She's a freakin' bug!

9. Cassie Cage


This is what you get when you put together Sonya and Johnny.

Much like D'Vorah, Cassie is another newcomer to the competition. Daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade (anyone see that coming?), she's from Earthrealm and, thank god, is human. While her attire isn't anything provocative, one might say she could use some armor on her top part. Her alternative outfit does net some extra points for those oh-so-tight pants.

This spot could have just easily gone to her comrade Jacqui, a dark-skinned army girl with a very loose tank-top under that breastplate. However, Cassie narrowly won her spot thanks to a few scenes with some very inviting curse words.

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alexdaboss29 4 years 11 months ago

Why not Jade be the best one!That's my favorite...

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