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best 4x games
Who doesn't want to control a race of futuristic dwarf themed race of humans.

1) Stellaris

Stellaris gameplay trailer

If Distant Worlds is the game to play when it comes to economics, Stellaris is the same, for the lovers of diplomacy.

Randomized races where two playthroughs are never the same. Huge amounts of interesting events, from extra-dimensional invasion, to A.i rebellion, the replay value of the game is big.

In many ways, the game has standard space 4x features, the different interactions between the races are unique. For the lovers of Star Trek and Mass Effect, it is possible to form federations, change the domestic policy of your empire. If you wanted to a xenophobic slaver race, go ahead just change a few laws. The options are truly amazing.

Ringworlds should be a selling pont in sci-fi games.

Through the ages, up in space, or in some mithical land, you can lead many types of civilization, just pick one from the list and go. The limits are the stars.

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