Stellaris Best Authority - Which To Pick?

Best Stellaris Authority,
How will you guide the species of the Galaxy.


Will you lead the galaxy with an iron fist or an open mind?

Citizens of the Greater Terrain Union rally together to express their loyalty and devotion to the High Marshall.

There must be order and direction for a society to rise above itself and fly amongst the stars. This authority could be the decisions of elected officials, the will of a single being, or the unified conscious of a single organism. Each society in history had an authority within it, rather built or forced upon them. The question is which Authority will your galactic Empire be?


The Galactic Senate meeting to resolve the issues of the people in the Star Wars franchise.

Are you a ruler who values the opinion of every citizen in your galactic Empire? Do you weigh each decision based on the effects it has on all parties involved? Pick the Democratic authority in this case so every citizen can be heard. Allow the population of your empire to come together as one and work through the problems of the galaxy with debates.

Pick Democratic if you want

  • To have an elected Ruler.
  • To have Quests to complete.

Democratic details.

  • New Rulers are elected Every 10 years.
  • Rulers Have Mandates. (Quests to complete)


The Citadel Council making decisions for its member species in the Mass Effect Trilogy

Do you value the balanced perspective of a Democracy, but feel it gets weighed down by the sheer number of people discussing problems? As an Oligarchic government, take out the input from the voters. Decisions are made by a council of Rulers who are elected to power by the promise of keeping the empire prosperous. Will you keep your promise?

Pick Oligarchic if you want

  • To have an elected Ruler.
  • To have Passive bonuses for your empire.

Oligarchic details

  • New Rulers are elected Every 20 years.
  • Rulers Have Agendas. (Passive Empire Wide bonuses)


Arcturus Mengsk leading the Terran Dominion in Star Craft 2.

Might makes Right. The strong must govern the weak. With a Dictatorial government the authority resides within the hands of a singular person. A distinguished Admiral appointed after a long military Campaign, or a renowned scientist trusted to push the empire into new technologies. They become the sole focus of power in your empire until their death.

Pick Dictatorial if you want

  • To have an elected Ruler.
  • To have Passive effects for your empire.

Dictatorial details

  • New Rulers are elected when the current Ruler dies.
  • Rulers Have Agendas. (Passive Empire Wide bonuses)


The God Emperor ruling over the Imperium of man in the Warhammer 40k Universe.

Being the ruler is both a gift and a responsibility and thus it is best to be born into it. In an Imperial government your Rulers are the sons or daughters of the current ruler, bred to be the heir to the empire. This mechanically and unchanging system of leaders provides stability and assurance of who is fit to lead. But how long can your galactic dynasty last?

Pick Imperial if you want

  • A new ruler to be appointed.
  • To have Passive bonuses for your empire.

Imperial details

  • A New Ruler is automatically appointed when the current Ruler dies.
  • Rulers Have Agendas. (Passive Empire Wide bonuses).

Hive Mind - Utopia DLC

The decaying husks of the relentless necromporhs from Dead Space.

Can you imagine how it would feel to be in two separate bodies? What about on two separate planets? As a Hive Mind, exist as a singular organism spanning the galaxy. Exist simultaneously across all planets of your empire. Will you thrive within the environment that the galaxy has created, or will you consume it all, till nothing is left?

Pick Hive Mind if you want

  • To have a permanent Ruler.
  • To have permanent passive bonuses.

Hive Mind details

  • Rulers are permanent.
  • Pop Growth Speed: +25%
  • Empire Sprawl Penalty: -25%

Machine Intelligence - Synthetic Dawn DLC

The relentless killing machines of Skynet in the Terminator movies.

Ruthless in their efficiency, cold to the touch and systematic in execution, Machine Intelligences are galaxy spanning AI systems. What will happen when you lead the pure and perfect unity of a Machine intelligence into the galaxy? Will you accept to defend the flawed creatures of the flesh from threats much greater. Or, will you systematically annihilate all organic life to make the galaxy a perfect system.

Pick Machine Intelligence if you want.

  • To have a permanent Ruler.
  • To have permanent passive bonuses.

Machine Intelligence details.

  • Rulers are permanent.
  • New Colonies: +1 Pop
  • Mining Station Output: +10%
  • Empire Sprawl Penalty: +100%
  • Organic Pop Growth Speed: -50%

Corporate - MegaCorp DLC

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Building Better Worlds in the Aliens franchise.

Have you ever thought about running a small business, or what it would take to make it a big business? Could you imagine how profitable it would be to be a galactic sized monopoly? As the Corporate Authority type, become the ever present and overbearing Corporation that provides anything and everything to your people. Rather it be groceries to nuclear reactors, they buy it from you.

Pick Corporate if you want.

  • To have an elected Ruler.
  • To have Ruler based Passive bonuses.
  • To have permanent passive bonuses.

Corporate details.

  • New Rulers are elected Every 20 years.
  • Rulers Have Agendas. (Passive Empire Wide bonuses)
  • Administrative Capacity: +20
  • Empire Sprawl Penalty: +50%

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