[Top 10] Sins of a Solar Empire Best Maps

Best Sins of a Solar Empire Maps
Where might this threshold lead? Only

Some characteristics that add gameplay and gaming experience to RTS games are environments, terrains, routes, in summary: maps. SoaSE has great options to offer you, not only about attractive or beautiful planets, asteroids, moons, and their details but also possibilities that may help you or your enemies to get an edge on the game or to simply organize the best actions to take.

This is a space game and you may imagine well that action comes over the orbits of planets or other celestial bodies. Each one has a gravity well where the action takes place. All planets, nebulas, stars, and other sites are connected by space lanes from which your ships jump from one to another for a little cost of antimatter.

Sometimes, these lanes are really long so traveling takes a few seconds to be completed. These seconds are something you must take into account ‘cause sometimes it could be too late to save a planet from being harassed or advantage as you can fortify the gravity well a little bit.

Also, there are several planets with different characteristics: desert, volcanic, gas giant, Terran, asteroid, and more. Each one has its own development capacity, more or fewer slots for tactical or logistical buildings, more or less population, and so on. Just hover the mouse over the planet and you’ll see its information.

Another thing that maps offer you is the option to select competitive ones, which were introduced on Rebellion and that take off artifacts found on planets (sometimes, offering great bonuses), making the games more even and relying on the ability of players. Besides, each DLC adds a few more maps with its own mechanics too.

Also, if you don’t want to play any of the standard maps, the game has the option to select “random (tiny, small, medium, large, huge), which will generate a random map from scratch in case you’re bored of playing the same old maps. As a funny thing, you may start trapped with just one lane and a pirate base at the end of it.

And, not happy with that random generator, the company has released Forge Tools that will make map creation easier and with more tools than the original map creation interface. You can download it from the official page of the game and also there are some guides and tutorials on the forum and Youtube.

If you’re looking for a website that contains some good custom multiplayer maps, community advises https://www.wincustomize.com/explore/sins_maps which is run by Stardock as well. But you have to be careful as some files may be out of date, even before the days of Rebellion.

For this ranking, I cannot make a straight top 10 list; maps are classified according to their size and ideal player count and should be listed that way. So, following this criterion I shall point the best maps out there to have fun. 

Tiny and small maps

1# Close Encounters (2 players)

Two lanes for each capital planet make this map ideal for a 1v1 quick battle. No chance on turtling, no long-end research, just plain pew pew.

“Only a thin asteroid belt separates neighboring empires. Expand quickly but warily, an assault may come at a moment’s notice”.

This is a small map meant for a fast battle, with low chances of turtling in as the two entrances to your capital system may mislead resources from the original setup of this map: fighting early on. 

Also, you won’t waste time trying to research as much as you can before jumping into pew pew. Resources are extremely limited and if you move from one side, your enemy might be doing the same from the other. 

Exploration is vital just starting this game as well as building up the fleet soon enough to try rushing the enemy. TEC players may have a little bit of an advantage since their ships get produced faster than the other factions’ ones. But other factions have better defenses so the balance is kinda restored.

You can play both normal with the chance of finding artifacts on colonized planets and militias in every sector; or competitive one which turns off these details to let the flow of battle keep its way.

Why this map is fun 

  • Fast game
  • Just focus on the fighting
  • No need to think too much about economy, diplomacy, or pirates

2# Centrifuge (3 players)

Enough distance to have some time for preparations, various ways to enter into the enemies’ capital, one pirate base to break havoc of the sector.

“Strong stellar gravity has pulled the system’s many asteroids into a tight ring. With few paths from the outer large planets and two other empires competing for domination, the balance of power is delicate”.

A map designed for speed gives players little space to expand, get a few technologies and fleet, and then try to take on the weakest prey on the map. Depending on player skills, a game on this map may take 2-3 hours. 

It features three entrances to any capital world which makes it possible to find a weak point in the opponents’ defenses during early and mid-game. Also, most sectors have phenomenons or uncolonizable planets, so plan your strategy pretty wisely (explore, explore a lot) as there won’t be too much space for developing end-game toys.

Also, there’s a pirate base that will make things harsh for the unfortunate that doesn’t have money to avoid the raid. Pirates are a serious menace, even in late game. 

Why this map is Fun 

  • Adds pirates to the equation
  • Relatively fast game
  • Chance to take the capital in several ways

3# Blitz (2 players)

Living with your enemy next door? No problem, rush with your obliteration desires and smoke that alien out of this universe.

“Mobility is crucial in this small system. Establish yourself quickly if you hope to survive the blitz”.

A map where you are sleeping with the enemy: there’s only one planet of distance amid you and the other and that’s some sort of a problem. Expect a quick fight from the very beginning, especially if you’re playing against TEC players.

Fortunately, you have some planets on the other side to expand and do some research/economy. Also, you can count on the great pirates that roam to the top of the map and that are willing to pay some gentle visit to your foe for the right price.

Rush as fast as you can or focus entirely on defending those middle planets so you can expand and backdoor your opponent as fast as you can. Don’t forget to make use of pirates as well.

You can select a normal or competitive setup for this map.

Why this map is fun 

  • If you like rush wars 
  • It could be a fast game

Medium maps

1# Gemini (4 players)

A little bit of isolation serves well for the purposes of expansion, development, and warfare preparations. Space lanes are not the only way to enemy territory, 

“These twin stars are so close that phase lanes link the systems together. If your attacks through these links stall, the stars themselves may provide an alternative path to victory”

This map is ideal for a slower game. Both teams start on opposite sides, separated by two space lanes really long, which makes the rush strategy not so viable due to longer travel times. 

As you can see, there are at least 5 planets (counting the capital) for each player to colonize and develop, letting you reach a middle-advanced level of research and a good economy based on trading.

Pirates can be controlled by blocking the only entrance they have and no guard shall be let down as further research may let you and your enemies backdoor through the star at the center of your sector.

This map can lead to some serious turtling, extending the gaming time from 3 hours to almost 6-7 (depending on players’ skills). It has both a competitive and normal setup.

Why this map is fun

  • Gives players time to develop their empire
  • Good chance on turtling but also backdooring

2# Tempest (4 players)

Every player has enough space for both expansion and dealing a deadly blow to the opponent. Take care from the point you expect the less.

“The paths from your capital quickly fork and multiply, revealing a wealth of territory for the taking. Weigh your decisions to expand carefully – hostile empires have similar plans”.

This is a map that allows you some space to research and develop your civilization halfway to the max. Having possible 4 planets to easily colonize is a great way of developing a solid economy (access to even refineries) or to research whatever you may need.

It is not a closed type of map, so you’ll have to figure out some efficient way to defend your territory. It won’t be too easy ‘cause there are at least 3 entrances to your capital and that sucks. But there are also 3 entrances to your enemies’ capital, so things might be kinda even.

Of course, distances here are not too far so rushing could prove a nice strategy, both military and economic. Still, don’t let your core be so exposed, and pay special attention to those pirates if you’re taking the sector just in front of their base.

Why Map Name is Fun

  • Enough space to develop more
  • Games from 3-6 hours (depending on player skill of course)
  • Little chance on turtling

3# Razor’s Edge (6 players)

Allies start together but danger is really near. Should you attack first or better fortify and wait for the opportunity to strike back?

“Two coalitions of empires occupy opposite arms of the Aludra system. Rally your allies and spearhead an assault through the narrow central corridor for victory”.

There’s nothing more soothing than being near your allies to help and care for each other in dire times. This map places each team on one side of the map and with a great advantage: there are just two sectors from which an attack may come.

However, there are two planets in between the top located opponents, just one travel of distance each from the capital planet, so acting fast is fundamental for success: being offensive or defensive.  

Another danger lurking out there is that pirate bases are in the middle of each team. Thankfully, the team can control them by fortifying the only sector from which they can enter. Also, while pirates can be a threat, their constant raids could help to level up your teams’ capital ships and invest your enemies’ funds in you.

This map gives limited space for the player to settle and develop technologies and fleet. This is one fast 3v3 map, so expect some nerve-racking action just starting and no more than 2-3 hours of gameplay.

Why Map Name is Fun

  • Fast 3v3 action
  • Distances are not too far

Large and huge maps

1# Battle Lines (10 players)

A map with a lot of possibilities, where enemies can come from any direction and colonizable space is limited until you can go beyond wormholes.

“Battle lines have been drawn in this unique star system, pitting a phalanx of allies against their enemies. Cooperation will be the key to victory here”.

This is the greatest 5v5 map as it allows you and your friends some turtling and also exploiting the enemies’ weak points in their defenses due to vast territory to control. Your team will have enough time to develop a good economy as well as a powerful fleet or mighty defenses.

Controlling the extra resources in the middle of the map may prove an edge against your enemies, but the real treasure is hidden beyond those wormholes with more planets to colonize only accessible by those sectors that can be well fortified with starbases.

This map ensures you hours of game, maybe days or weeks, so bear this in mind when accepting a duel in this map. Maybe players are so pro that you could end this in a few hours, but against IA it can take ages.

You can select both competitive or normal setup, but the extra artifacts may turn the tide of war against those not lucky enough to find any of them or those that are considered top-notch.

Why map is fun 

  • A lot of attack possibilities
  • Chance to fully develop your civilization
  • Turtling is an option

2# Triple Entente (9 players)

A nice competitive map where teamwork is essential to reach victory. Turtling is possible but it will cost you dearly. 

“A trio of nearby empires has joined forces to become the masters of their solar system. Unfortunately, they’re not the only alliance in the area. Can your teamwork overcome that of the enemy’s?”.

You start the game grouped with your allies in a corner of the map, so in some manner, you will have your back covered. The only entrances are by the sides or center of the map, but they can be controlled as there’s only one lane to access them (two in the case of the central one).

A good thing about this map is that there are a lot of Terran planets to colonize, which can boost greatly any credit economy out there. Try distributing them well between your allies to assure a steady income for all, or get mad and transform them into money-gushing ports for your cause.

This map will take hours to be played as turtling is pretty possible if allies play under the same terms or one of the players sacrifices him or herself to be the defender of the alliance. Rush may be a possibility as capitals are just at 4 jumps away each from the other.

Also, this map comes with both competitive and normal setup, so choose wisely what would be as artifacts really give you a boost, especially if it synergizes with your faction.

Why map is fun

  • The chance of large-scale battles
  • Coordination and good timing are required to achieve success

3# The Art of War (8 players)

A rather complicated map that will be a nightmare due to the many ways that the enemy has to enter your alliance territory

“It takes true tactical skill to survive in a close-knit, hostile system. Work with your allies and use your wits to determine when is best to attack or defend”.

A really difficult map thanks to the distance between allies and the gaps in all of the territories. Not only at the center of the map, but also a pair of wormholes that may lead to an unexpected invasion if not fortified accordingly.

Coordination and cooperation will need to be at their most not only for the complicated locations, but also that resources early game will be difficult: some planets need research to be colonized and on the other side, some asteroids that could limit buildings, population, and resources a bit.

Some players and in my experience, one player fortifying positions while the others are focusing on attack forces usually makes a good result in this difficult map. And, if you guys play this with artifacts, things will become a little more complicated, depending on obtained bonuses by each side.

Also, there are a couple of pirate bases to help you and your fellas with some pressure against those space invaders or to level up fast your ships.

Why map is fun

  • It is a fast map so rushes may be the order of the day
  • You have to play shoulder by shoulder with allies or things will crumble fast

4# Typhoon (10 players)

All players start surrounded by enemies. Be careful what your next move is and be sure to take advantage of so many worlds out there.

“This huge solar system contains numerous opportunities for resources, but be warned – your enemies are not far away”.

A huge map that has a particular loadout for players: if you let the default configuration on positions during the creation of the game, every player will spawn with an enemy on each side which can be both dangerous and great. Nobody knows what the others’ plan for the game and some rushing may be possible (just 4 jumps to reach an enemy’s capital).

With a great chance of expansion and fortifying the entrances to your capital, this map can assure you more than 3 hours of fun or headaches. Also, pirates are at the service of whoever pays more and are located at the center of the map for easily reaching their objectives.

One funny thing in this map is when you’re trying to take control of mines placed on those uncolonizable sectors and your enemy’s doing the same. It starts a micro capture war with civilian ships until one or other places a starbase and all that’s left is blowing up that thing before it gets maximized. 

You can also play this map as 2v2, 3v3, or FFA.

Why map is fun

  • You’re in a dangerous position from the beginning 
  • Enough worlds to fully develop your civilization

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