[Top 15] Best Medieval Strategy Games (Ranked Fun To Most Fun!)

Top 15 Best Medieval Strategy Games
Which one of these is gonna turn out to be the best Dark Ages experience?!

Medieval Strategy Games are a blast! Let's find out which one is the most Fun from the Top 15 of them.


The medieval period is a time when the sun was shining and rainbows were a sight every day. Little girls were jumping across grass fields and throwing little daisy flowers along the roads while blacksmiths were smiling while creating little horse riding toys. -Wrong! This time of humanity is known as the Dark Ages for a reason. The world as it used to be known will be hit wave after wave with tons of different peoples all coming to mark their name and make their stand as the new rulers of the land. Get ready for lots of wars and killing as we make a list of the Top 15 Best Medieval Strategy Games!


15. The Banner Saga 3

The Banner Saga 3 - Trailer

I know some people might say this can’t fit in the category I’m writing about, but I just had to include this beautiful creation of a game.

Just one playable scene

This is a story-driven game through a medieval fantasy-type land. The Banner Saga, all the way from the first game, is the most in-depth medieval storytelling you can get. Every little detail just feels so amazing, you are really going to immerse yourself inside this world.

A battle taking place

You lead a medieval caravan full of soldiers and their families. You get tons of options and decisions that can completely change your game from others. Every choice has its own consequence. Living inside a medieval fantasy land has never been so fun!


14. Medieval: Kingdom Wars

Medieval: Kingdom Wars - Trailer

This game brings you the full set of medieval Europe. It starts at the date around the 1350s and you get to see your land progress with time.

The most peaceful place ever

You start out as a minor noble with a small patch of land under your King’s name. You will face a lot of options and decisions on how to make your land greater, and finally, make your dynasty well known and prestigious. Everything takes time in real-time, with a very diverse and interesting progression system. Diplomacy, tech tree, soldier variations…

Doesn’t this look amazing?

The battles feel so epic and alive. There’s naval warfare, big infantry battles, decisions of morale while fighting, looting, raiding.


13. Inkulinati

Inkulinati - Trailer

If you love the medieval period and everything associated with it, well give Inkulinati a try. It might not be your everyday cup of tea, but it sure is a blast.

It’s sweet, charming, and fun

You are in the medieval period. But you play in the art style that was formed about 700 years ago. With these creatures, or soldiers that you command, you need to figure out tons of new strategies and tactics to defeat your enemies.

A fierce battle between a dog and a rabbit

The combat style is very fun and very punishing. A lot of your soldiers will die. You will have to adapt to every style of battle, and every time you go into a new one, it feels much more fun than the last! The campaign is very fun too.


12. Banished

Banished - Trailer

Banished is one of those strategy games where you start as completely nothing. And with time you will build a living and breathing world, all by yourself!

You could have built this yourself

Basically, you are a caravan that was expelled from a kingdom or town. You have nothing, other than a couple of starter villagers. Your job is to use these villagers, connect with them, and get them to create a wonderful haven for your people.

Farm away partner

It just feels so realistic seeing how your medieval peasants are looking out after themselves. There are tons of building options, a lot of unique interactions that you can make with the world, climate seasons, etc.


11. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord - Trailer

Mount and Blade Bannerlord is a game that focuses on realistic battles, but in my opinion, it is a fantastic strategy game!

An open vast map where you can interact with it in first-person view

You start as whoever you want to be and even get to choose a starting location in this medieval fantasy-style land. How you build up your character is entirely up to you. The options are endless.

You need to coordinate your men in this chaos. Easy right?

The strategy theme in this game is just amazing. You see the whole world map and interact with it in first-person view. You will see different kinds of kingdoms, different lords, ladies, and brigands. Building your own army of soldiers, and then upgrading them to caravans or maybe a kingdom of your own is just fantastic. When you enter a town, you control only one person, and that is the same for the battles.


10. Manor Lords

Manor Lords - Trailer

This game is supposed to be the next big thing in the medieval strategy world. It has so many big promises that I can't even begin to talk about. I am very excited about it and so should you.

Just a start of a small village

This is a medieval strategy game, where you have an in-depth look at everything. You build up your town and you look out after your villagers while doing so. You get different villagers with traits and different buildings that suit your favorite playstyle. Supposedly it is offering unseen freedom when building your village and improving it.

Some of them were your farmers before

The battles are what’s the most fascinating. There’s no cutscene or anything like that. The soldiers that you muster next to your blacksmiths, are the same that you see fight it out with your enemy.


9. Age of Empires 4

Age of Empires 4 - Trailer

This is one of the most beloved games when it comes to talking about the medieval strategy genre. The Ages of Empires franchise is an absolute blast to get back to these Dark Ages, but Age of Empires 4 takes it to another level.

Battle of the Titans

The visuals are stunning. If you remember playing AoE 2 back in the days and loving the medieval looks, well give this new one a try now. You will be shocked at how much historical accuracy it has. Everything from real-life battlefields and places, to amazingly crafted cut scenes that you can even learn about.

Make sure to build stone walls around

The campaign is an absolute blast too. For now, you can only choose 8 different civilizations, but each and every one of them is unique and follows its own style of play.


8. Field of Glory 2 Medieval

Field of Glory 2 Medieval - Trailer

In this game, you get to delve deep into medieval battles. How you shape and combine your army is entirely up to you. And the outcomes from every individual little battle are so rewarding.

Planning a battle has never been so fun

When it comes to historical battles FIelds of Glory 2 Medieval is where you want to be. You will get real battles that happened and armies that were there, up to the last soldier. You create your formation, shape your strategy, and decide when it’s best to attack and when not to.

Trying to flank your enemy

The animations are good, but the quality and style of the soldiers are amazing. They look fantastic, and they make you feel so immersed in the battlefield. It has a campaign scenario which is a blast.


7. Stronghold Crusader 2

Stronghold Crusader 2 - Trailer

If you’re looking for high-packed medieval actions Stronghold Crusader is for you! If you have played the 1st one, then this one improves on the visuals and the battle chaos.

An urban battle

This is a true old-school strategy game, where you have to create the biggest of armies and just send it towards the enemy’s castle. You are located in the Crusader States area, and in the Crusader times. You need to become a desert lord managing your economy and diplomacy around you.


The battles are the cherry on top for me. They feel so satisfying and it is a real joy just to see your armies crush the enemy’s castle gate. You will have to build the ultimate castle on your own, and get ready for waves of attackers. It is so enjoyable and easy to play.


6. Europa Universalis 4

Europa Universalis 4 - Trailer

This is a Paradox Games title. So you know you are about to meet with a beautiful creation of an in-depth structure of the historical times. In Europa Universalis 4, you are at the high end of the medieval era, and you need to go through every historical change in order to start the new one.

Could you conquer it all?!

You get to choose to play any nation that existed in the 14 hundreds and really just shape and form it whatever way you please. You have tons of decisions and tech trees, armies, cultures, religions, etc. How you create and how you leave the medieval ages is all up to you.

A battle in a forest

The replayability factor is the biggest in this game. Every time you play, something else will happen and becomes much more interesting than your last game. It is a masterwork of a strategy game.


5. Anno 1404 - History Edition

Anno 1404 - Trailer

This game is at the high ages of the medieval stage. To be more precise, it is in the Dawn of Discovery for the Americas. You are an island trading republic that needs to defeat its competitive other nearby republics.

Managing resources is the most fun thing ever

The starting phases of Anno games are always my favorite. You start out with tons of materials, and just a ship. How and where you build up your town is all up to you. The different combos or strategies that work in building a medieval island town, are yours for creating.

Just a friendly little civilization you met in the south

The Ai system is so good. You actually feel like playing with real-life players. It’s just a blast to go into war and deal real attrition to your enemies, as you cut out their grain and food supply by ruining their trade lines. You can see how your villagers are reacting to everything happening in the world, and you can see them become a higher class.


4. Total War: Medieval 2 - Stainless Steel

Total War: Medieval 2 - Stainless Steel - Trailer

Total War Medieval 2 was the best thing you can experience about the medieval era world. Even today it is still a very much active game. Don’t even pay attention to the release date. You will have a blast if you haven’t played it. The modding community is on a whole different level, especially Stainless Steel.

A siege battle in the night

This mod elevates almost everything in Medieval 2. It really feels like an upgrade. The modders have made this feel almost like it is another game. It has so much new stuff that you need to experience. Imagine how much fun you had playing Medieval 2 Total War, well multiply it by a 100.

Crusaders planning to spread love and positivity

The map is reformed to be bigger and much more interactive, and much more visually satisfying. New unique playable factions. New models for cities, soldiers, weapon tools, flags. It is gonna get you immersed in these medieval chaotic and bloody battles. Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project is another mod you have to give a try.


3. Knights of Honor 2

Knights of Honor 2 - Trailer

Although this game hasn’t come out yet, from what we’ve seen and heard about it, it should be our dream come true. If you haven’t played Knights of Honor 1, now it’s a perfect time before the new edition comes out.

Doesn’t it look beautiful?!

It is gonna improve on everything from the first game. The most noticeable change is of course the graphics. It looks stunning and is very good for helping you immerse yourself in the medieval world.

From a maps view to a building view

It has a very big in-depth system of how you can rule your land. You decide what tactic to use against your neighbor, whether to trade or to conquer. The army formation and the army variety are all up to you. It is a real-time strategy that you see the map from a bird’s eye view, and you see the buildings and villagers separately inside your towns.


2. Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 - Trailer

Crusader Kings 3 could easily be the number 1 ranked medieval strategy game, but I have to realize the fact that it might not be for everyone. This is a simulator almost for you to escape real modern life stuff and just go back in time to the medieval period.

Could you conquer it all?!

You are only 1 character. This character has positives and negatives. How you decide to create him and guide him through this world, is entirely up to you. The ways you get to lead his life will make you feel like it is yourself living in the medieval world.

You decide how YOU will turn out

Start out as anybody in this era, and build yourself your prestigious dynasty. You can become a famous Viking or the world's richest Republic. Maybe just a friendly neighborhood Monarch that loves religion very much. Whatever it is you dream of, you can do it. Crusader Kings 2 is also a fantastic game, but the visuals from the 3rd one will make you more immersed.


1. Total War: Attila - Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD

Total War: Attila - Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD - Trailer

We remember when Total War: Attila came out, and we remember the bad reviews it had. Well, even if you look at today, the reviews and the bad comments are there. The modding community comes to the rescue! Believe me, just give this mod a try, and get your medieval war experience like never before.

Just some soldiers on a stroll

Medieval Kingdoms 1212AD feels like a different game. Not only does it have improvements and new stuff added, it feels like its own stable unique game. Modders did such a beautiful job.

That’s a whole lotta fire

You are in the 12th hundreds and get to experience firsthand how the world functioned and looked in these years. Choose to play as different nations and just modify and create your own playstyle. The way you do this is really so satisfying. You can play as one nation in one game and have a completely different experience than the other one. Every playable faction has unique traits and a unique system based just on them. The visuals are so stunning and the battles are the cherry on top. It will make you feel like the most powerful medieval strategist after you win that hard unbeatable battle.

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