Top 10 Banished Best Crops

Banished Best Crops
Orchards are a beautiful addition to any farm.

What Are The Best Crops in Banished?

Without a steady supply of food, your village simply won’t make it. To thrive, you must have two things: farmers and farms!

Crops and orchards will keep your villagers fed through those nasty winter months, so best get to planting in early spring if you don’t want to end up needing to make a cemetery early on in the game.  If your farmers are educated and happy, you can actually go a little bigger since happy and healthy farmers are less likely to wander around idly and educated farmers can work faster. Just another thing to keep in mind while building up your village!

Farms in Banished consist of two types: crops and orchards. Fruits and nuts come from the orchards, while grains and veggies are planted in crops. Depending on your difficulty setting,  your village will start off with one to two types of crop seeds and one orchard seed. All selected at random, of course. For all other seeds, you will need to build trade buildings and hope the right seeds come through.

How big should your fields be? Field sizes for all vegetable crops depend on how many farmers you plan on using per crop. For one farmer, a 7 x 8 or 4 x 14 field is the perfect size.

If you plan on using more farmers, try going with a bigger field! Sizing for orchards is a bit different compared to vegetable crops. Keep in mind that during the spring and summer seasons, there is no planting needing to be done by the farmers; just harvesting once the trees are mature. For a single farmer orchard plot, the best size is 15 x 4.

Which seeds are the best? No need to look any further; they are all listed below!

10. Pumpkin

Patience and Persistance: if you have these quality then pumpkin planting will pay off for you.

Pumpkins add a hearty variety to the diets of your villagers. These are a tricky vegetable to grow since they take the longest to be ready for harvest, but they provide the most food per square. While that seems tempting, users noticed t pumpkins are vulnerable to frost.  An early frost or a frost snap during spring planting can wreak havoc on this crop. In other words, proceed with caution when planting pumpkins!

If your difficulty setting is at easy or medium, you may start with this seed type. Otherwise, you’re going to need to build a trading post and wait for these to show up with a merchant

9. Peppers

Stop the spread of disease in your crops by using peppers to seperate them.

Add some spice to your village with the pepper crop! This is a great crop to put in between other crops to help prevent the spread of blight (yes, you have to worry about infestations in your farm fields!). As a bonus, peppers have a relatively high yield. While it isn’t as high as beans (nothing is, I swear), it brings in about the same amount as both corn and cabbage, making those three nearly tied for second highest yield of all crops.

8. Apple

Plant an orchard so your villages get a wider variety of food.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Well, in Banished, having fruit added to the variety in the villagers' diet can help keep them happy and healthy. Fruits are a little bit trickier compared to vegetable crops since they are grown in orchards and will not start producing anything for anywhere from 3 to 7 seasons. However, it is worth investing in adding a fruit orchard if you have the available space. As a bonus, all fruits can be used in the tavern to make ale.

7. Corn

Corn should be a staple on any farm.

While not as hearty as the squash, corn is a rather reliable crop. Through rain and shine, the corn will grow. Corn is a great choice to provide your village with some veggies, especially when we consider that is one of the crops that are resistant to various weather conditions.

6. Potatoes

Potoato, potatoe, whose got the potatoes?

Good ol’ potatoes. They are great for everything. You can boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew. And of course, you can keep your villagers fed with them! Potatoes have both a good and negative aspect to them. The bad thing is that they don’t provide as high of a yield compared to some other vegetables, but on the plus side, they are more resistant to early frost and can be harvested a bit longer into autumn compared to some other vegetables.

5. Cabbage

Frost resistant with a good yeild.  Plant some cabbage today!

Cabbages are a hearty vegetable crop that can be harvested later than some others. This becomes quite useful if a frost snap occurs during the spring planting or if there is an early frost during the autumn harvest. As well, cabbages have a high yield. While not the highest, it nearly ties with two  other crops for producing the most food.

4. Beans

While at risk from frost, beans have the best yeild.

Beans are a plentiful crop with one of the highest yield rates of all of the crops in Banished. There have even been some calculations done by other players that show it yields more than any other crop or orchard, and by quite a bit. They do well during rainy seasons and are generally ready for harvest early, but they don’t hold up to the cold very well, making an early frost a terrible thing. However, if you’re looking for quantity, this is the crop to go for!

3. Chestnuts

They may take longer to mature but chestnuts are great for a source of protein during those lean winters.

Chestnut trees are one of the three nut seeds available for orchard fields. Considering it is a nut, it has the added bonus of being a source of protein for your villagers. This is true for all of the nut type seeds. This is especially useful if you’re unable to kill off any livestock for some reason or if your hunters and fishermen aren’t bringing in enough meat. Depending on weather and if your orchard keeps away from infestations, the trees should mature within 3 to 5 seasons.

2. Squash

Plant a lot of squash as long as you have the farmers to work the fields.  

Squash is a hearty crop that is an excellent choice for any village. One of the biggest perks of this crop is its ability to last longer in the field as temps start to drop. This is especially useful if an early frost occurs. If that happens to your village, some of the crops may become no good before the farmer has a chance to gather them. This isn’t as likely to happen with the almighty squash! Considering how well squash holds up against early frost and if you’re lucky enough to have this seed and enough available farmers, you should consider having a crop field big enough for two or three farmers, or make multiple single farmer fields

1. Wheat

Bottom Line: you must plant wheat.  Ensure your villagers have ale!

Wheat is kind of overpowered. It grows relatively fast with a large yield. Even better, it is the only crop that can be used for ale at the taverns! Considering crops have a higher return and start growing the first season you plant them, if you are wanting ale for your village (and of course you are!), wheat is the way to go.

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