[Top 15] Best Viking Games For PC


15.Tribes of Midgard, 2022, Xbox, Playstation, PC, Switch

What the game is about?

Form a tribe of up to 10 players and defend your village against an all manner of enemies in a blend of survival and action with roguelite elements, or stand against these foes alone.There are legendary beasts to hunt, dungeons to discover and armour and weaponry to craft and utilise. 

What makes Tribes of Midgard fun and interesting

  • Bright cartoon style graphics
  • Great co-op experience
  • A nice and easy playing experience
  • Won best game design, art direction and Publics Favourite awards by Megamigs

Fun Factor: 65/100


14.Frozenheim, 2021, PC

What the game is about?

This game places you as the Jarl of a serene Norse colony simulator. The game contains real-time combat alongside the settlement management mechanics. Similar to games like Medieval Dynasty you will create and work through your characters family line. A beautiful and thought provoking game inspired from Norse folklore. 

What makes Frozenheim fun and interesting

  • Expansive settlement management
  • Longevity in playing
  • Solid combat mechanics

Fun Factor: 68/100


13.Jotun, 2015, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, Wii U, Stadia,

What the game is about?

“It’s a wonderfully wild, vibrant bedtime story told with fire and verve.”-Gamespot

This title is a hand drawn masterpiece set in Norse Mythology. Action and exploration are the words that describe the gameplay. Playing as a character called Thora, you are dealt an inglorious death and must battle to prove to the Gods your entry into Valhalla. There are five huge Jotun bosses across the map while exploring through nine large realms immersed in Norse Mythology.

What makes Jotun fun and interesting  

  • A voice-over cast of authentic Icelandic people 
  • Great soundtrack composed by Max LL
  • The hand drawn nature of the game is simply stunning
  • Fun combat

Fun Factor: 70/100


12.Bad North, 2018, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, IOS, Android, 

What the game is about?

Bad North is a challenging tactical roguelite game, where you need to think tactically in real time. The game sets you on the opposite side to the Vikings, where you need to build up and defend your idyllic island to defend against the advancing hordes of Viking invaders. The islands have different shapes and advantages and this game has a basic yet beautiful and charming animation style to it. 

What makes Bad North fun and interesting 

  • Simple and relaxing to play
  • Looks fantastic
  • Easy to pick up and play but strategies are needed to succeed

Fun Factor: 70/100


11. Vikings-Wolves of Midgard, 2017, Xbox, Playstation, PC

What the game is about?

Published by under the radar studio Games Farm. Back in 2017 they released this game powered by the Unity engine. Which normally would have been a red flag however this studio has managed to give the Unity engine a far far better reputation, right around the same time as everyone else who has increased its reputation.

What makes Wolves of Midgard fun and interesting  

  • A lot of customisation options
  • 5 unique skill trees
  • Mythical creatures and warriors to fight against
  • Similar to Diablo in play style
  • Detailed character models

Fun Factor: 73/100


10.Dead in Vinland, 2018, PC, Switch

What the game is about?

After being exiled to a faraway land, this game tasks you with leading Eirik and his family to survive and thrive. An RPG and survival management game developed by a small team, with a stunning artstyle and turn based combat. After putting countless hours into this game I can’t recommend it enough. 

What makes Dead in Vinland fun and interesting 

  • Great artstyle
  • Interesting set up and idea
  • In depth survival mechanics that actually work ad don’t hinder your game
  • A great callback to turn based combat

Fun Factor: 75/100


9. For Honor, 2017, Xbox, Playstation, PC

What the game is about?

One of the biggest games on this list, allows you the player to fight as different factions. The Iron Legion (Knights), the Dawn Empire (Samurai), the Wu Lin (Ancient China) and the Warborn (Vikings). With both a single player campaign and multiplayer features this game creates a game similar to Chivalry with large combat with different factions. 

What makes For Honor fun and interesting

  • Stunning
  • Great combat options
  • Endless fun
  • Multilayer still has a strong and large fan base

Fun Factor: 75/100


8. Crusader Kings III, 2020, Xbox, Playstation, PC

What the game is about?

Like a lot of the games on this list, Crusader Kings is a real time strategy game that has you build up a a clan inspired by different civilisations throughout the years to conquer land on the map. Crusader Kings is a firmly established franchise that is now critically acclaimed and shows no sign of slowing down. The only issue is to make it more Viking-like, there is a Northern Lords DLC needed to make that happen. 

What makes Crusader Kings III fun and interesting

  • Huge map 
  • Large number of factions
  • Large modding community 
  • Immersive relationships

Fun Factor: 77/100


7. The Banner Saga, 2014, Switch, PC

What the game is about?

The game pits you to travel through a Norse inspired world in a simply epic story driven strategy RPG, where your choices have consequences. You take control of a caravan traveling through the land while fighting off a war loving race called the Dredge that despise humans. You play as two characters who’s lives will intersect throughout the game. Funded by a kickstarter campaign this series has established itself and is very well loved.

What makes The Banner Saga fun and intersting gameplay 

  • Beautiful art style
  • Intricate and interesting story
  • Fun to play gameplay 

Fun Factor: 80/100

6. Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, 2020, Xbox, Playstation, PC

What the game is about?

Starting out experiencing an attack on your family and the loss of your parents you select your character with huge detail. You can select your culture, the Sturgians in the game are essentially Vikings, with character names like Ragnar and Raganvand, living in the snowy areas and having long braids and bushy beards it is easy to see where the influences come from. The game follows your characters goal to remake the Dragon Banner while building your armies and families influence over the world. It is a stretch to call this a ‘Viking’ game but with the right roleplaying it can at least feel like it. This game however is such an expansive game to play, you can do anything. With RTS and RPG qualities, you can be an all conquering tyrant, a merchant, a mercenary, a simple soldier, a crime leader or a blacksmith. The combat is mind-blowing, after over 100 hours taking part in sieges climbing ladders with over 1000 men on each side it still blows my mind. The game is currently free on the Xbox Game Pass. 

What makes Mount and Blade fun and interesting

  • A lot of fun to play
  • Can be enjoyed by anyone
  • A hugely immersive experience
  • So many options on how you play the game

Fun Factor: 85/100


5.Valheim, 2021, Xbox , PC

What the game is about?

After being slain in battle you are carried to the world of Valheim. Valheim is a realm with monsters banished by Odin long ago that you must overcome. There are thick forests, treacherous mountain ranges and huge oceans. This is a survival and crafting game either solo or co-op, you need to build new settlements and grow yourself to gain the Odins favour and become worthy of entry into Valhalla.  

What makes Valheim fun and interesting

  • Survival and crafting games like this have endless paths to replay the game
  • Beautiful fantasy scenery 

Fun Factor: 80/100


4.God of War, 2018, and God of War Ragnarok, 2022, Playstation, PC

What the game is about?

A continuation from Kratos’s crusade against the Greek gods, and actually predating the time period associated with Vikings. Throughout the games you mainly travel through Midgard and Scandinavia, but also travel to Alfheim, Helhein, Jotunheim, Asgard, Muspelheim, Vanaheim and Svartalheim. This game gives you the most exposure to the widest variety of places and people in viking lore. After being attacked while at home by people with Godly powers, Kratos and son Atreus set out to scatter the ashes of Kratos’s wife Faye on the highest peak in the nine realms. Then the story expands and builds, into a critically acclaimed experience. The game is very new and storyline based so I wont spoil more here, so if you want a beautiful Viking inspired game with a fantastic story then go take a look at these games.

What makes God of War fun and interesting

  • Hugely acclaimed game with countless awards
  • Sprawling storyline
  • Immense combat
  • Next level voice acting

Fun Factor: 95/100

3.Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, 2011, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, PC 

What the game is about?

If you haven’t played this game then well done you are in a very small cohort of gamers. The only reason this game is not number one is that this game is merely inspired by Viking lore and mythos. Your character turns out to be the Dovahkiin or Dragonborn of legend, returning to Skyrim at the return of dragons and the height of a civil war. In typical Elder Scrolls fashion there are different guilds to work with throughout, a lot of combat options and interesting missions throughout. There are DLC’s with a coven of Vampires attempting to make the sun bleed and new lands to explore. The Nords of Skyrim are highly influenced by Vikings of old. They arrived to the harsh, snowy, mountainous regions of the north of Tamriel. They are governed by Jarls and believe in an afterlife called Sovngarde. Sovngarde is a direct influence from Valhalla, a place for valiant warriors to go at the time of their death for feasts, song and battles.This game has been re-released a bunch of times on every platform, you don’t even have to be a gamer to know this game. If you haven’t played it there are thousands of articles just like this one to tell you to give it a go. Additionally if you want it to be more Norse and Viking looking, then send a raven to the MOD store and you will find what you need. 

What makes Skyrim fun and interesting

  • Combat is great
  • Graphics still hold up
  • Even without DLC’s and MOD’s you could play this game for years
  • Intriguing storylines 

Fun Factor: 100/100


2.Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, 2017, Xbox, Playstation, Switch, PC

What the game is about?

Created by a British studio called ‘Ninja Theory’ and describes itself as an “independent AAA game. Puzzle solving, psychological horror and combat are all features with motion capture and live action performances build this game to be a sensational experience. The game follows Senua’s struggle with psychosis, the character believes this to be a curse, seeing the psychotic visions as the “Darkness” and the voices in her head as “Furies”. The storyline is a bit complex to explain in this format so I fully recommend going and experiencing this work of art for yourself. Through a Norse beheaded talking head and with Senua’s own Pict knowledge helps her as she enters Helheim and combats parts of Norse Mythology in the search to cure her ‘curse’.

What makes Hellblade fun and interesting

  • One of the best looking games of recent years
  • Huge aspects of both Pict and Norse Mythology throughout
  • Great gameplay features

Fun Factor: 100/100

1.Assassins Creed Valhalla, 2020, Xbox, Playstation, PC

What the game is about?

In the same way the Black Flag was a pirate game with aspects of the Assassins Creed storyline within, AC Valhalla is a Viking game with aspects of the AC storyline. Simply the game is about the life of the character Eivor from a child through to adulthood, finding and securing a new home for his/her clan. Throughout the game you meet notable characters like Ivarr the Boneless and Jarl Guthrum, as well as meeting gods like Loki, Thor and Freyja. There are sequences through the game that show Eivor’s heritage to the First Civilisation  the Isu, who in this universe are the gods. Through dream sequences to Asgard, Jotunheim and Helheim you discover Eivor’s link to the All-Father Odin himself. 

What makes Assassins Creed Valhalla fun and interesting

  • A lot of combat choices
  • Huge branching narrative
  • Strong ties to Viking lore and myth
  • Beautiful game

Fun Factor: 110/100

Comment down below on what you think about any of these games, if you are now thinking of playing one of them and if there are any Viking inspired games I might have missed. Cheers.

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