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First-person shooters are known for allowing you to see through the... Read More
Halo Infinite Promotes Recently Released Six-Part Spotify Series - Halo Infinite: Memory Agent
Halo is promoting the recently-released six-part Halo Infinite series... Read More
Swarovski Celebrates Halo's 20th Anniversary With 117 Figurines
Swarovski is collaborating with Halo to celebrate Halo’s 20th... Read More
Halo Esports Announces Sign-ups for Weekend Halo Infinite Tournament
Halo Esports has announced that sign-ups are open for the Halo... Read More
Halo Infinite Announces Ranked and Competitive Details - Key Takeaways
Halo Infinite has recently announced the new settings and features... Read More
Halo Infinite development marred by plague and outsourcing
Global pandemic and lack of communication to blame for delay... Read More
New Halo Infinite live-stream imminent
343 Industries partners with Elgato to get "ready for battle" A... Read More
halo infinite delayed to 2021
343 Industries Halo Infinite to skip holiday season and Xbox Series X... Read More
Will Halo Infinite Be Open World?, is halo infinite open world
It's been 19 years since we've touched down on a Halo ring. Now, 343... Read More
Halo Infinite Master Chief Armor,
This Top 5 Countdown involves a classic game, the Halo franchise.... Read More
Halo: Infinite Gameplay
Halo: Infinite Gameplay Features We're Excited For ... Read More
Halo Infinite Gameplay
The hype surrounding Halo: Infinite has seemingly revamped the... Read More
HALO Infinite Release Date
Halo hasn’t had a new installment into the series since Halo Wars 2... Read More
Halo Infinite news
Microsoft announced the next game in the Halo series at E3 this year... Read More
Halo, 343 Studios, Xbox, Halo Infinite
4 Facts About Microsoft's Upcoming Halo Infinite There hasn’t... Read More
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